Double Dutch Pancake House

We love pancakes. The only thing better than tucking into homemade pancakes for brunch on a weekend is tucking into ones that you don’t have to cook yourself! The Double Dutch Pancake House based in York serve a wide selection of sweet and savoury pancakes cooked to authentic Dutch recipes, as well as a few other Dutch favourites! We’ve walked past this cute cafe loads of times, but one afternoon we decided to try it out.

The staff were very welcoming and you were able to watch the chef cook your meal right in front of you!

I have to be honest – I was convinced that the pancakes were going to be poffertjes, which are traditional mini Dutch pancakes like these ones we tried at Abergavenny Food Festival.

With this in mind, I was very confused reading the menu and seeing the variety of toppings you could choose. After much deliberation he went for a ‘Full Dutch’, and I chose the ‘Rocket to the Moon’ from the specials menu.

The panckes came pretty quickly after ordering, and I’m pretty sure the waitress heard me go “Oh, now it makes sense!” when she set the plates down on the table. His pancake was a meat lover’s paradise came with nearly every topping imaginable – bacon, ham, chicken, salami, mushrooms, sweetcorn, sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes and Edam cheese. He’s always pleased if he can get a breakfast in a new medium so thought it was delicious, especially since he’s a fan of savoury pancakes.


My ‘Rocket to the Moon’ was a more summery affair and came topped with goats cheese, pear, walnuts, rocket and a drizzle of garlic oil. The flavours were all light and delicate, perfect for a sunny weekend brunch. The goats cheese was lovely and tart, working well with the sweet slices of pear.

To be honest, I’m glad that the pancakes weren’t actually poffertjes, as I loved my dish the way it was! Double Dutch has an extensive vegan menu, featuring both sweet and savoury pancakes. They also cater to coeliacs by offering gluten free pancakes on request.


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