Basement Browns, Leamington Spa

After work one evening, we found ourselves wandering the streets of Leamington Spa looking for somewhere to eat. We had been walking for a while when it just started to rain, so we resigned ourselves to just heading home and making something there. However, on our way back, we passed  Basement Browns on Warwick Street, and a poster in the window for a ‘breakfast pizza’ caught our eye. Now, breakfast is something we can never turn down, so we decided to pop in, shelter from the rain and have a look at the menu.


Basement Browns is an informal pizzeria and salad bar, serving fresh pizzas made using local ingredients. We were immediately quite impressed by the menu, as there were a number of options which caught our eye. We liked the fact that all the pizzas came on white or brown dough – something we’d never tried before! Along with pizzas there was a large selection of salad items, sides and toasties, as well as some lovely sweet treats to choose from!

When ordering a regular pizza, we were told that we could add a range of vegetable toppings to our pizzas for free – peppers, onions, olives, sweetcorn, mushrooms & jalapeños – so naturally we both added all of them (except mushrooms…). Also with each regular pizza came a free drip, of which there were a ton to choose from!

In the end he decided to go for a chicken tikka on white dough,  whereas I went for the ‘Mafia’ on brown dough (so I could tell myself that eating pizza was healthy…). We were also handed  a very handy pager to know when our order was ready – we thought this was a really good idea that could be implemented in more restaurants.

We also really liked the decor of Basement Browns – upstairs had lots of wood and exposed metal, whereas downstairs was softer, with lots of comfy chairs and artwork.


His chicken tikka pizza came with tomato sauce, mozzarella and chicken tikka along with all of the vegetable toppings. He chose a garlic mayo dip which worked really well. The base was lovely and soft, while still a bit crunchy at the edges, just as it should be. We both found that the size of the pizzas was pretty spot on, as by the end we were satisfied, without being uncomfortably full.


My “Mafia” pizza was topped tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pulled chicken breast & smoked ham. The brown dough base had a slightly different texture to the white dough but was great, certainly something everyone should try out! For my free dip, I opted for aged cheese and black pepper – when confronted with options like barbecue or garlic sauce, aged cheese and black pepper isn’t an obvious choice, but actually worked surprisingly well with the pizza.


Despite being full, we couldn’t resist the call of a Nutella pizza for dessert (dessert and pizza!). It was a really interesting combination and actually worked surprisingly well – it was almost as if it was a really soft waffle, topped with lashings of Nutella spread, icing sugar and chopped nuts.

Our whole meal for two cost just under £13, which we thought was incredibly good value. We’d happily go back to Basement Browns – certainly one of Leamington Spa’s little gems.


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