Mowgli Street Food, Liverpool

Despite our (slightly excessive) brunch at The Bagelry, we were ready for more by the time lunchtime rolled around. Whilst wandering up Bold St, we spotted Mowgli Street Food. After hearing good things from friends and other bloggers, we decided had to try it out while we were in Liverpool.

Mowgli Street Food has two locations – one in Liverpool and a second in Manchester – serving a selection of healthy and flavourful Indian dishes. The whole menu didn’t serve stereotypical Indian dishes that you’d expect from a restaurant – instead the dishes are simple, wholesome, not too hot and predominately vegetarian. IMG_2631

Most of the dishes on the menu are tiffin sized – similar to a Spanish tapas. Our waitress recommended maybe 2-3 options each for lunch.

IMG_2645Our first (and only meat) dish to arrive was the Angry Bird – succulent chicken thighs marinated & roasted in tandoor spices, yoghurt, ginger & garlic served with popped mustard Mowgli Slaw. Luckily for us there were two chicken thighs which made sharing much easier! They were very delicately spiced – not too overpowering and spicy but still full of flavour nonetheless. These very delicate spices contrasted beautifully against the sweet and crunchy coleslaw




Next was the Picnic Potato Curry – potatoes tossed in fenugreek, tomato & Bengali Five Spice. This dish was wonderfully aromatic and wholesome – it just made our insides feel all lovely and warm!


Our favourite dish had to be the Mowgli Paneer – tender cubes of soft paneer cheese simmered with velvet, sweet, spiced tomatoes, garden peas & fresh spinach. Being fans of paneer we knew we’d automatically love the dish which was delicious and moreish. Along with our main dishes we ordered a side of rooti which worked perfectly to scoop up all of the delicious sauces!


Mowgli Street Food was a wonderful location which served truly homely and flavourful dishes and we’ll have to drop in if we’re ever in Manchester or Liverpool again!


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