The Bagelry, Liverpool

Situated in the heart of Liverpool’s Chinatown, this independent bakery looks fairly unassuming from the street. The Bagelry have been operating since 2013, where they sold their traditional handmade bagels at various cafes around the city.
In November 2015, The Bagelry opened their own store on Nelson Street, thanks to a very successful Kickstarter.

We stopped off at The Bagelry for brunch, before heading off to explore the city. we had read the menu whilst on the train, so I settled down at a table whilst he headed to the counter to order. I opted for a plain bagel with maple and pecan cream cheese, whilst he chose the more savoury ‘sunnyside’ on a roasted garlic bagel. The Bagelry has a huge selection of bagels, including plain, sesame, poppy and jalapeño, as well as a large selection of cream cheese flavours, including garlic and chive, cashew and maple and pecan.


The Sunnyside Bagel came with a side of homemade beans, and each half of the garlic bagel had an egg fried sunny-side-up in the hole. The bagel was beautifully fresh and the garlic flavour really came through. The homemade beans were lovely and came with large chunks of onions which gave the beans a lovely texture.


I opted for a plain bagel (he panicked) with maple and pecan cream cheese. The cream cheese was an absolute revelation – the sweet maple worked amazingly with the cream cheese and pecans on top of the bagel. It was absolutely amazing.


Despite being full to bursting, we couldn’t resist the call of another item on the menu. We decided to get another of the roasted garlic bagels to go, but this time topped with their vegan cashew and spring onion ‘cheese’.

After spending the day exploring, we decided that we just couldn’t leave the city without getting one (and by one, we mean four) more bagel to take with us for the train. (We also couldn’t resist the call of a pot of the maple and pecan cream cheese). We got back about an hour before The Bagelry closed for the day, and as you can imagine, their bagel stock was somewhat depleted (a testament to The Bagelry’s popularity, I’m sure!) but we managed to get a few plain bagels and a jalapeno bagel.

Everything at The Bagelry was very reasonably priced and tasted delicious. This is definitely somewhere we’ll come back to next time we’re in the area!


One thought on “The Bagelry, Liverpool

  1. Just a thought – I don’t know Liverpool particularly well (I’ve only been once, and that was in a car on work time, so had a very specific target on the docks) – is it worth doing a google map, possibly detail from the train station?

    I ‘m happy to bear the place in mind, in case I’m ever back “in town” (not impossible due to my current client), but if I dont know how close they are to where I’ll be….I’d hate to miss the chance because I’m, well, lazy!


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