3 Threes, Martineau Place

Having heard about 3 Three’s on Facebook, I decided to pop in there one rainy afternoon whilst taking a break from shopping. 3 Three’s specialises in being predominantly vegan and vegetarian, providing alternative options for those with alternative dietary requirements. Located in Martineau Place, the coffee shop is fairly unassuming from the outside. Inside, it has the modern, industrious look which can be found among many independent coffee shops. After briefly eyeing up the tempting selection of vegan/vegetarian cakes, I decided to order just a drink. Despite being initially drawn to a hot chocolate, I opted for an almond milk cappuccino.


I went to find a seat while the barista made my drink, settling down on one of the small tables in the centre of the cafe. (I later moved to one of the sofas, having spotted the plug sockets by them just in time to plug in my phone before it died an untimely death.)

The barista brought over my drink, asking if I wanted sugar or anything else. The coffee was nice and strong, and I couldn’t notice any discernible difference between almond milk and regular milk. Being a frequent drinker of soy milk, I expected to notice a difference due to the almond flavour, although I couldn’t tell the difference, almond milk worked exceptionally well in a coffee.


While I drunk my coffee, I noticed one of the staff on their lunch break, eating one of 3 Three’s vegan hot dogs. I had noticed a variety of vegan ‘meat’ sandwiches in the fridge, varying from ‘chicken’ to ‘beef’ and ‘ham’ and had been drawn to the vegan hot dog. Although I resisted this time, I think I’ll definitely be back to try it out. (I always think its a good testament to a venue if the staff want to eat the food they’re serving!)


Overall, I enjoyed my brief visit to 3 Three’s and would happily pop in another time to try some of the cakes or sandwiches. It’s great to see restaurants and cafes popping up around Birmingham city centre to meet the growing demand for alternative diets. Having lots of vegan and vegetarian friends, it’s good to know that there is somewhere I can take them when they visit where they can definitely enjoy everything on the menu!


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