Tea-licious Tea Rooms, Port Talbot

***(Spoiler alert: this post contains lots of pictures of cakes)***

Whenever I come back to Wales from Brum, I always try and make catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for a while a priority. The second I jump on the train, I try and organise a good old catch up. The last few times we’ve met up we’ve done so in a cute tea room not too far from home.

Tea-licious Tea Rooms (I love a place with a tea pun name, I have to admit) in Port Talbot has been open since mid-2015, so are still relatively new but always have a steady stream of customers whenever I visit. They’re easily contactable through Facebook, and every time we’ve visited I’ve messaged them before hand and they’ve always replied really quickly.

I went last week with two friends for the ‘High Tea’, which was incredibly reasonably priced at £6.75. The staff were lovely as always. One of my friends was running a bit late and although we had booked for 1pm and it was nearing 1.30 they were still happy to wait for her to arrive. The other friend is also not a big tea drinker, so they offered to swap her tea for a hot chocolate, which I thought was a lovely touch. We were sat inside near a corner, this was perfect for us as we were sat right by the radiator which was perfect for such a rainy day!

They brought us tea in one of their large vintage tea pots –  they have lots of these and each time I’ve had a different one (my favourite has a cat on!). Both the tea and the milk they were happy to refill as many times as we wanted.

Shortly after bringing our drinks, they brought out our food. Each tray came with 8-10 sandwiches each and four good sized cakes. There was a mix of vegetarian and meat sandwiches on the plate, however from past experience I know that if you request a vegetarian High Tea they are more than happy to change these.

My favourite thing about the High Tea is they are always generous with the cakes. On this visit I forgot to take a photo when the tray arrived however I’ve included photos from previous visits. On this occasion, we got a welsh cake, a slice of chocolate cake, a slice of Lemon Drizzle and a fairly enormous scone with jam and cream. After drinking copious amounts of tea and working through the sandwiches, we were all feeling a bit defeated by the cakes. I ate one and had to admit defeat. Thankfully, the ladies that work there gave us a box to take away what we hadn’t eaten, which was lovely as I got to enjoy the cakes when I had room for them later! They always offer a takeaway box at the end which I think is a really good touch, and I think many places that are a lot more expensive wouldn’t do the same!


The cakes were delicious, the lemom drizzle especially which was lovely and moist. The welsh cakes were also nice and fresh and tasted homemade, which is always a bonus!

They also serve a range of hot food, including healthy options. I haven’t tried these yet but next time I pop in I think I will!


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