Friska, Brindleyplace

Having heard about Friska on twitter, we’d been meaning to go to their new Brindleyplace branch for a few weeks. Several times we turned up on a weekend, forgetting that they were only open on weekdays and the next time we got all the way to Brindleyplace before realising it was Good Friday and that nowhere was open… Undeterred, last week we finally made our way to Friska for lunch.

We had looked up (read: drooled over) the menu online so ordered immediately. Our food was prepared within a few minutes and so we took our food to the upstairs seating and settled down to eat. The decor of seating area was quite minimalist and industrial with lots of exposed metalwork.

IMG_1433 (1)

We both ordered the hot boxes, which are £5.50 and come with a main choices and three sides – spiced rice, coleslaw and baked tortilla chips. One thing that’s great is that most of the items on the menu can be made gluten free/wheat free/dairy free on request.IMG_1440

He went for the Brazilian Pork & Beans hotbox, however as it was the special of the day, they had it with beef, so he had that instead. I opted for the vegetarian Roast Butternut Squash & Blackbean Dopiaza. Similar to other restaurants that sell healthy fast food, the food comes in convenient takeaway boxes – perfect for taking back to the office or eating on the go. His Brazilian Pork and Beans had a wonderful flavour combination and the meat and vegetables were beautifully soft. The coleslaw in both boxes came with a generous serving of mayonnaise which was delicious and very welcomed!

My roast butternut squash and blackbean dopiaza was just amazing. It tasted delicious and beautifully indulgent but (hopefully) without the calories. Beautifully seasoned, and an all round amazing dish, it’s certainly one I’d have again. Our absolute favourite part of both of our meals however had to be the baked tortilla chips. They were amazing in every sense – crispy, perfect for scooping the mains and amazingly seasoned – it just hit the spot.


We also shared a Pan Dulce for dessert. We intended to take another photo of it but by some ‘technical mishap’ (he started eating it too quickly) we didn’t get a chance. It was a lovely pastry with custard and fresh raspberry jam that had been made fresh that morning! It was a lovely end to the meal, as was the Canton Tea Co Red Berry tea I had!


One amazing part about Friska is their Deki Partnership – where 10p of each Pho ordered is put towards funding small business loans for budding entrepreneurs in developing countries.


Having finally been able to try out Friska we’ll certainly be back again some time soon – the Vietnamese coffee looks incredibly tempting!


4 thoughts on “Friska, Brindleyplace

  1. Friska is one of my favourite places to eat in Birmingham. Absolutely loved their Korean Pulled Pork Burrito. Since you’re foodies might I recommend Jake’s Coffee Box and Treat -Greek Deli in Birmingham also. I’ve written about them and a few others on my blog if you’re interested. Nice review and photos and glad you enjoyed the food.


    1. Thanks for your comment! We actually went back a few weeks later and had the Korean Pulled Pork Burrito, it was delicious! We’ve been to Jake’s Coffee Box, it’s such a cute idea and it’s great to see it on the food scene in Birmingham! We’ve never been to Treat (I’ll check out your review after this!) but love love love 4023 on Stephenson Street, it’s right next door to All Greek Deli!

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      1. Oh great I’ll try it the next time I’m there. All Greek Deli is cute too with lots on offer. I’m also a fan of Yo! Sushi and Wagamama even though they are so commercial but since we don’t have them here I love splurging a little on them too. Nice to connect!

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      2. Yo! and Wagamama are our guilty pleasure, whenever we just can’t agree on where to eat we’ll head over to Yo! or Wagamama and always thoroughly enjoy!

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