MinMin Noodle Bar, Birmingham

We’ve heard a lot of good things about MinMin Noodle Bar, but never managed to actually find it, despite trying several times. One day, when walking through The Arcadian in the Chinese Quarter, we stumbled across it when we weren’t even looking for it. We decided to pop back next time we were in the area, so a few weeks later, on our way to a concert in the O2 Academy (PostModern Jukebox, who were absolutely amazing, I’ll put a video at the bottom if you’re interested!)

We sat down in the corner and started reading the menu. The menu had lots of little pictures next to the descriptions of meals, which was really helpful in choosing something new to try. In no time at all, we had decided and placed our order. We ordered chicken wings coated in a sticky honey and lemon sauce as a side, whilst for our mains we chose the fruity pork with fried rice and the ‘triple roast’ with ho-fun noodles. (We’ve loved ho-fun since we tried them at Cafe Soya and so now order them whenever we get the chance). All of our food arrived at the same time, so we eagerly tucked in.


We started with the chicken wings – these were in a lovely crispy batter and coated in a delicious sweet and tangy sauce, topped with sesame seeds. There were two options for the sauce and we chose the honey and lemon. We ate these before moving on to our mains, but we demolished them in no time at all. Would recommend these to anyone in a heartbeat!


The fruity pork came in a delicious crispy batter, alongside mixed vegetables in a fruity sauce. It normally comes with boiled rice, however I had a sudden craving for fried rice so asked to swap the boiled rice for the less healthy tastier option. There was a fairly substantial serving of pork and the mound of rice was bordering on enormous! The batter for the pork was delicious, similar to one for a crunchy fried squid, which he loved. It tasted great and the fried rice was an excellent call!


His triple roast came with three roasted meats – beef, pork and duck. Mixed through the ho fun noodles were a generous helping of fried vegetables. The combination of all the different textures and flavours of the meat were beautiful, contrasted by the always amazing ho fun noodles and crunchy vegetables. Overall it was a delicious dish, however it was deceptively large, but since he came with an empty stomach that wasn’t a problem!

We really enjoyed our meal at MinMin Noodle Bar, and the generous portions and good value for money means we’ll defintely be heading back there soon! (Or ordering it from Deliveroo if we’re feeling lazy!)



One thought on “MinMin Noodle Bar, Birmingham

  1. I’ve noticed there’s a Japanese bar open on Suffolk Street Queensway, that I didnt know was there.

    It’s called NoteBar http://www.notebar.co.uk/#note-bar and seems to focus on the Japanese version of Tapas, and has a number of Karaoke rooms (which is possibly why I’ve never been). Would like to hear your thoughts if you go wondering past…..

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