My Thai, York

On our way back to Birmingham from Middlesbrough a few weeks ago, we stopped off in York for a few hours. After wandering up and down the streets for a while, reading menus and looking in cafes but not finding anything we wanted to get. About to admit defeat and find the nearest McDonalds, I spotted the sign for My Thai down a small side street heading toward the river.

My Thai has three other locations, two in Leeds and one more in Bradford.


After a quick read of the menu, we decided to go inside out of the cold to order lunch. The interior was very minimal, however the fairy lights dotted around the ceiling made the space beautifully magical. We chose a table by the window and quickly placed our orders – I chose the beef Chiang Mai Kow Soi whilst he ordered the Kow Moo Dang. On the menu, here was a good selection of vegetarian dishes, as well as lots of dishes that you could customise by adding extras or selecting different meats.

After only about ten minutes, our food arrived. The Kow Moo Dang  – chinese five spices roasted pork – came with half boiled egg and ginger gravy over rice looked a lot like the Chinese char siu pork in the red ginger gravy. Admittedly, when it arrived it didn’t look anything like we had  expected but he was still very happy with his choice. The meal contained some of his favourite things (pork and eggs) and the sauce was just delicious.

My Chiang Mai Kow Soi was a yellow curry with egg noodles, mixed vegetables and beef, topped off with crispy noodles. The portion was very generous – I struggled to finish it all myself! There were lots of big pieces of beef, which just melted when I ate them – and a good sized helping of noodles. I’d never tried crispy noodles before, but I think I’ll be trying to make these myself or buy them elsewhere, they were delicious!


We got 10% discount for checking in on Facebook, which was a nice way to round off our lunch. As we left, we spotted that My Thai was available on Deliveroo, which makes it even more tempting!  My Thai wasn’t on the main tourist streets but definitely worth going to.


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