CrêpeAffaire, Grand Central

CrêpeAffaire are, as the name suggests, a chain specialising in sweet and savoury pancakes, as well as a selection of waffles and drinks. Having spotted CrêpeAffaire locations in various other cities (notably Cardiff) but never actually visiting them, we were interested to finally try them out with the opening of Grand Central. Before Grand Central opened, we signed up to CrêpeAffaire’s mailing list and got a voucher for a free lemon and sugar crêpe with the purchase of a savoury crêpe.


Twenty minutes before we had to get a train, we decided it was the perfect time to use our voucher (Not our finest idea, I’ll admit, but it worked out well in the end).
We ordered a Moroccan Couscous crêpe, which from what I can tell isn’t available everywhere, but is at the Grand Central branch. It contains Moroccan couscous (the clue is in the name), falafels, sultanas, a very generous helping of cheese, tomatoes and some harissa hummus.

What was a pleasant surprise was how full the crepe was; it was bursting with all of the delicious fillings, which all worked really well together! We’d never thought about making a Moroccan style crêpe but it was delicious, with the falafels making a lovely addition. The harissa wasn’t overpowering but added a lovely depth to the crêpe.

Running out of time for our train, we wolfed down the lemon crêpe This was a lot lighter than the savoury crepe, which was a lovely end to the meal. Following on from their earlier generosity with toppings, they were generous with the lemon, but the sweetness of the crêpe stopped it being too acidic.


We were pleasantly surprised by CrêpeAffaire and will definitely be returning to try out other savoury varieties – but next time we’ll give ourselves more time to enjoy it!

( P.S. – If you’re reading this Mike, we still love you)


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