December Tokyo Treat Unboxing

Having always had a love for Japanese food, sweets and just generally everything Japan, I was over the moon to discover Tokyo Treat, a monthly Japanese snack box subscription!

The monthly subscription comes in three sizes; small (includes around 5 items), a regular (which we ordered which includes around 10 items) and large (which includes around 14 items).

The five included in the small, regular and large box included:

The five included in the regular and large box included:


The smallest item in the box was the ‘Chirin Colour Pen Chocolate’. This sweet comes with the note “Please we would remind you that the pen portion is not edible”; only then did I realise that this adorable sweet actually had a pen part, so I’m grateful for the warning! One end was a normal blue highlighter with lots of little edible candy balls at the other end.

One of our favourite items in the box had to be the Neiji Banana Chocolate sweets. They had crispy outsides and hard chocolate centres, and tasted a bit like the banana sweets you get in pic’n’mix! Apparently if you are lucky enough, there is a rare “lottery flavor” of “ripe banana” which tastes of orange. I’m yet to get lucky enough to try that one but I’m excited! If we ever saw these in the UK we’d be more than happy to buy more of them they were just so wonderful.

Another one of our favourite items just had to be the Glico Light Potatoes. They looked a lot like Pocky sticks but the packaging resembled a packet of fries. From the packaging alone were expecting to taste an item similar breadsticks but when we bit into them we were pleasantly surprised. They had a breadstick like texture but had a definite potato flavour (certainly not a bad thing!). The closest English equivalent we could think of are the Walkers French Fry crisps, except the inside of these were hollow so were lovely and light! We devoured these really quickly and would be happy enough to buy them if we ever find them.

The next item we tried was the Meiji Cotton Soda Gum. This candy floss  was surprisingly light, slightly bubbly (almost like the smallest amount of popping candy) and tasted of 90s stereotypical cola. We didn’t finish the packet in one sitting, so were worried we’d ruined it after we accidentally left the packet open overnight, but it was still fresh and not  sticky and hard like normal candy floss can sometimes get when exposed to the air which was a lovely surprise!

The final item available in all three boxes is the Fun Christmas Caramel Powder Snow. These condensed milk caramel crisps (or puffed snacks as they are called) were lovely and light, with a texture similar to Wotsits/Cheetos. I’m a fan of sweet crisps (having had Japanese sweet potato crisps several times now which I absolutely adore!) so I loved these, however she was more lukewarm about them, but still enjoyed them.

To tie in with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this months box included “Lotte Star Wars Bikkuriman E123”. It was a normal wafer with a slightly bitter chocolate filling which also came with a Star Wars sticker. He pulled it out of the packet and said “Cool, Princess Leia!” Now, I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but even I could tell that was wrong. We did accidentally create a pretty pattern inside when we cut the wafer and snapped it! (Also, I’ll admit it, I initially thought E123 referenced an E number. I’m ashamed to say it took me three days to realise my mistake.)

Next up was the Meji GOCHI Gumi cola. These were very much like the cola sweets that you can buy in shops, just with a much rounder and flatter shape. They were covered in sugar and were all round great cola sweets!

The CORIS Sharitto Puru Gums were a lovely yoghurt flavoured chewing gum, with an apple filling. It was beautifully soft and a lovely gum!

Next up were the Calbee Hard Fried Potato Ride. These potato crisps were described as having “adult-flavours”. We presumed that this just meant it was covered in herbs or something that children may not like, with no idea what was really in store, we tried them. It was like eating the ocean. Initially, she couldn’t quite tell what it tasted of but I could immediately taste the seaweed, which was odd, but I was okay with. Then the fishy flavour hit you. It tasted like I was eating handfuls of bonito flakes, but according to the ingredients it was scallop powder. Even being a fish fan, I wasn’t expecting it from a packet of crisps. I can now understand why they said these were for adults. I think the only way to describe these crisps are as an ‘experience’, but I don’t think I’d try them again. (The cat was very interested in what we were doing when we were eating them).

Without a shadow of a doubt, the MajoMajo Neru Neru was defintely the star of this month’s box. Having seen Japanese DIY kits on the internet I was thrilled to get one in this months box! It was so much fun to play with and eat, even if we did describe it as “being exactly what growing up in the 1990s tasted like”. The pictures on the back were clear enough for us to stumble through making it without needing to Google Translate the Japanese instructions. We initially made a mousse, which was then turned into a bubbly cola mousse in the ‘cauldron bowl’ by adding the last two sachets to the mousse and added the popping candy to the ‘Witches Hat’. When we added the candy to the cauldron some of the candy popped so violently it flew out of the mousse and onto the floor. Even though you shouldn’t expect much flavour wise, it was still so much fun!

Overall, the December Tokyo Treat box was just so much fun and was so delicious. We’d wholeheartedly recommend this subscription service to everyone (its surprisingly cheap for the quantity and quality of snacks) and we can’t wait for the next one!


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