Digbeth Dining Club Street Party

This weekend saw Digbeth Dining Club host not one, but two street closures! We went to the street closure at the normal location on the Friday, but there was also another street closure in King’s Heath which looking at social media looked like a big success.

IMG_9206 copy

There was a huge selection of vendors, but due to an embarrassingly large lunch, we were only able to fit three items.

We first stopped at Caribou Poutine, offering the Canadian poutine which we’ve really come to enjoy! We decided to go for ‘The Big Liz’; the original don (homemade fries, cheese curds and gravy) topped with creamy cabbage and smoked streaky bacon. Coming from a household that had potatoes, cabbage and meat as staples, it was a wonderful dish; lovely and hearty with plenty of delicious cheese curd and beautiful gravy. The bacon and cabbage topping worked great with the standard poutine. One day, we’ll get the gravy right at home!

Next was one of our favourites; Buddha Belly, offering scrumptious thai street food. Even though the sight of the marinated chicken was tempting we couldn’t resist their Beef Massuman. The meltingly tender beef was just amazing, surrounded by a perfectly spiced yet fairly mild coconut sauce. The chunks of beef were sizeable too which was great and the rice helped soak up all of that beautiful sauce. This dish was just amazing. Sai absolutely knows how to make good food and this just cements that fact.

To finish the evening we stopped at Leave it to Esmie (who had a beautiful new menu board which looked great!). We couldn’t settle on what to have so we had a ‘Caribbean Meal’ which came  half filled with their boneless curry mutton, and the other half with the mixed beans cooked in coconut milk and curry sauce,  all served on sautéed sweet chilli potatoes. Having had their chickpea curry before, it was great to try the mixed bean curry which had a lovely kick and was a beautiful all round curry with a great choice of beans. With the stereotype that mutton can be tough and stringy, we were amazed again at how unbelievably soft the meat was. (We still think that food served in an edible bowl is an absolutely genius idea!)


Along with the great food and drink, Dead Pixels had a great selection of retro games to play which is always great fun. As usual, DDC put on a great show and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for next year!


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