EatAPitta, Bristol

Recently, I went on a day trip to Bristol with some of my family and as always, the topic of conversation turned to what to have for lunch. The conditions were that it had to be vegetarian, had to have gluten free options, and it had to be fairly cheap. After some frantic googling on my part, I stumbled across EatAPitta.

If you follow us on Instagram, you’re probably aware that we’re big fans of falafels (See here, here and here for just a small sample!) so a city centre store specialising in them, as well as meeting all our other conditions was perfect.

For £5, you could have falafels in a box or a pitta, along with as much salad as they could squeeze in. I elected to add a freshly cooked pitta for just an extra 50p. The falafels and salad are all gluten free -bar the couscous salad and the pitta break, which, as you’d expect, were both made from wheat), as are the sauces – expect their tahini, garlic and yogurt dip which I added to my box.  The salad options included onions, gherkins (if you wanted them), whole green/yellow chillies, shredded carrots and cabbage, a mixed couscous salad and a lovely mixed salad option. made up of tomatoes, chickpeas and cucumber.

IMG_8805 copy

Chickpeas in three forms – first in the lovely, creamy hummus, second served whole in the mixed salad and last but by no means least, in the divine falafels. EataPitta are using their family recipe, dating back 70 years, for their falafels, and when you bite into the falafels, you can see why they are still using this traditional Algerian recipe. Crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside, these still-warm morsels of goodness were cooked to perfection and the star of the dish. I’ll be honest, I expected them to skimp on the falafels, giving us only two or three, so when they piled on five each, I was over the moon. I was also really impressed by their other pricings, as I noticed you could get six falafels to takeaway for only £2.20, which is insanely good value.

IMG_8807IMG_8806 copy

The boxes were impressively filling and kept us going for most of the day afterwards. For only £5, the food was amazing, filling and healthy, which can be quite rare in city centres.


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