Mini Digbeth Dining Club Round Up 20/11/2015

It feels like we haven’t been to DDC in ages. Life got in the way a bit, and before we realised it, it’s November and there’s already Christmas lights on in the city centre! Anyway, we decided to return to DDC for a quick visit (emphasis on quick) and this time bring one of our fellow foodie friends along.

We decided to start with a burger from Flying Cows. We ordered The Flyer burger which included a steak burger, topped with cheese, smoked bacon and red onions and shared it between the four of us, alternating bites. It was beyond delicious, especially since we paired it with some of Savanna Grill’s delicious sweet potato fries (which didn’t last long enough for the photo, oops!). It was so good that even after we’d eaten everything else our friend decided to buy another for the walk back to the city centre.


Next up – Buddha Belly. A few days earlier, we had been debating about whether or not to go along to DDC this Friday. Then Sai tweeted about what food she’d be bringing and our minds were made up. I’m starting to get ashamed of how many times we’ve ordered Sai’s marinated crispy chicken, but we told ourselves that we couldn’t bring our friend to DDC and not try it. 😉 However, we couldn’t resist the call of her new Lamb Massaman. The chicken was divine, in its beautiful herby batter, but the lamb dish was even better. The tender lamb pieces just fell apart in your mouth, and the well spiced yet fairly mild coconut sauce was beautiful. There wasn’t a scrap of sauce left on the plate by the time we’d finished it, all squabbling about who got the last mouthful.


Last but not least – dessert. We were drawn to Jabberwocky’s festive sounding mince pie toastie… but then we saw Victoria Creperie, with their insanely good cheesecakes. We couldn’t choose between the raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake and the Oreo cheesecake, so naturally we decided to get both. These were delicious as always, rich and indulgent. Despite trying countless times and constantly adapting our own cheesecake recipe, we still can’t make it as delicious as Greek Mama does.

As always DDC was an excellent end to a long week, and with such amazing quality and such tasty food, it was certainly a good week to invite our friends along too!


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