Digbeth Dining Club Roundup 02/10/15

It feels like it’s been so long since we’ve posted one of these. We had both gone to DDC individually at varying points during the summer but this is the first one we’ve been to together in a while.

We decided we’d start with La Grande Viande. We’d always seen them at events serving food from their converted horse box trailer, but never bought from them so this was a first. We chose pork confit which came in a bun with English mustard aioli and coleslaw. When ordering from someone literally called “The Big Meat”, you have very high expectations for their food, and the pork confit surpassed them.

The pork was quite possibly the best pork I’ve ever eaten. The fat on the pork just melted in the mouth, and the meat itself was cooked to perfection. I just wish there had been more so I could have kept eating it!
The coleslaw was also lovely, considering that he doesn’t normally like mustardy things and our friend doesn’t normally like coleslaw full stop, this went down remarkably well with them!

Our next stop was Savanna Grill – having tried their crocodile sping roll (a hit with him, less so with me) – we decided to try their bunny chow which has always looked tempting, as well as a side of sweet potato fries. We’ve seen people eating this famous south african dish before but this is the first time we actually got it for ourselves. The lamb curry came served inside a hollowed out bread roll, with a lovely spicy sauce and big chunk of lamb sat inside, topped with a mango salsa. The sauce had started to seep into the bread, so by the time you got to the bottom, you had mouthfuls of saucy bread which had absorbed all the beautiful juices. The meat itself just fell apart and was absolutely delicious. It came served with a side of pickled vegetables which none of us could fit in after we tackled both the bunny chow and the sweet potato fries, which were quite honestly the best sweet potato fries we’ve ever had. I have no idea what Savanna Grill do to those sweet potatoes but whatever they do is magical. They were divine, crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, with a mystery coating that’s absolutely delicious.

A firm favourite DDC vendor has to be Low n Slow – we love Andy and Donna’s food – their ribs are absolutely to die for, but this time we decided this time to order the brisket chilli cheese and bacon, which came in a bun with mustard slaw, mayo, pickles, cheddar, and enormous slice of bacon and a ridiculous amount of brisket. Honestly we were so happy to see so much brisket!

The chilli brisket had a beautiful kick but not too much, and was beautifully soft. The oak smoked bacon was deliciously moreish, I normally don’t like fat too much on bacon but when my friend left a bit of hers I wolfed hers down as well as mine. As always we’d highly recommend all of the options Andy serves as they’re just so amazing.

Esmie’s are definitely another one of our firm favourite DDC vendors – we’re a bit obsessed with their chickpea curry and sweet chilli potatoes – of course, we couldn’t not order the sweet chilli potatoes, bit as we felt that we hadn’t had quite enough meat for one evening, decided to order the jerk chicken curry bowl. The pieces of chicken were massive (always a bonus) with a lovely rich jerk sauce. The rice and peas the chicken was topped on was delicious as always. I’ve raved in the past about the genius idea that are Esmie’s edible curry bowls and they did not disappoint this time.

We realised by the end of the night that we’d consumed about two days worth of carbs and pretty much every type of meat. I think we can all agree that that’s just the sign of a good night.


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