Birmingham Weekender – Saturday Mini Roundup

The Birmingham Weekender is a weekend of free outdoor performance, art and entertainment spread across the city centre, in Centenary Square, Victoria Square, Brindleyplace, the Bullring and more. There were a whole array of street performers, live music and (the part we were most excited about) street food!


Faced with a wide range of different food choices, after looping round the city centre a few times, we decided to (in a somewhat backwards fashion) to start our lunch with dessert. We decided to try one of the jam tarts from Delizie Italiane (who very kindly offered it to us for free). The small had an adorable heart motif, whereas the large was more plait like.

She had very generous with her beautifully sweet jam (which is always a good thing for me!) and the pastry was absolutely delicious. We wolfed it down really quickly (honestly, we’re almost ashamed), as always Delizie’s sweet offerings never fail to impress and this was no exception!

It wasn’t long before we started eyeing up the menu to see what we were going to buy next, but before returning to Delizie, we decided to get “Chicken in a Cup” from Kurbside Kitchen. Kurbside Kitchen are a gourmet street food vendor who only launched this year but already have travelled all around the UK selling their delicious food, including a range of hot dogs, burgers and more.

The chicken in a cup was coated in sweet chilli and served with a pineapple salsa. The chicken itself was amazing, coated in a beautifully spiced batter and covered in a chilli sauce. The sauce had a nice kick, but before the heat could build too much, the sweet pineapple salsa neutralised it. The balance of spices was wonderful and we really enjoyed the pineapple salsa, which we’d both never had. (I may have also got a bit excited when I saw their food safety sign was in both Welsh and English – seeing Welsh words is a bit of a rarity in Brum!)

While we let our food go down, we stopped to watch a few of the events in Centenary Square.

We then decided it was time to return to Delizie Italiane (x), where we ordered a pepper and mozzarella calzone and quickly declared it our favourite thing that we’ve bought from her! It was beautiful – we were especially impressed because her cooker was only working on half power, so well done Silvia! The calzone was lovely and light, with a very generous filling of beautiful peppers (that also feature in her arancini) and a lovely amount of mozzarella –  we were bickering over who would get to have the last bite! (We can’t describe quite how lovely her calzones are!)


We then wandered over to the canals and Brindleyplace, where we found the floating markets – a collection of canal boats all selling a range of products. Our definite favourite was the one selling dog toys, because of the adorable and very patient dog who was quite happily sitting on the boat and watching the world go by!

The entertainment continued at Brindleyplace so we stopped for a while to watch some of the live music happening outside Cafe Opus!

Eventually, we ventured over to Victoria Square, where there were yet more performances and street food! We spotted the The Indian Rasoi who we had previously tried at Summer Market.

We decided to have the samosa chaat, two vegetarian samosas served with a chickpea curry topped with pomegranate and Indian slaw as well as a sprinkling of puffed rice and turmeric. The samosas were delicious and moreish, and the chickpeas were absolutely lovely. The slaw was mixed with little pomegranate seeds which took away some of the heat from the spices in the sauce which we thought was a beautiful idea, which we should try using in our own cooking. Whenever we see samosas, we can’t resist buying them, so we were very happy to see The Indian Rasoi!

There were lots of events going on in Victoria Square, including live music and a comedy routine – ‘Mobile Kitchen’ who even had a fake food hygiene certificate and trip advisor scores of ¼ out of 5!

With lots of events and openings going on, from Birmingham Weekender to the Big Hoot to Grand Central opening, its a great time to live in Birmingham.

The Big Hoot, the Bullring's 'Disco Bull' and St Martin in the Bullring Church


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