Crumbs Kitchen Cardiff

After passing this vegetarian cafe last time we were in Cardiff, situated in the Morgan Arcade, and seeing that they offered chilli by the pint and salad bowls larger than our faces we knew we’d have to try out Crumbs Kitchen as soon as possible!


The main star of Crumbs’ menu are the salad bowls (small bowls visible on the table in the above photo), available as a small (a choice of 3 salads) or large (a choice of 6 salads) from the selection in the counter. There is also a huge choice of extras, as well as a selection pies, quiches and hot food choices. (As well as cake!)

We decided try out a portion of their three bean chilli as well as a slice of the chickpea and spinach pie. A last minute addition to our order was two falafels and two pakoras – both vegan and gluten free.

Normally I’m not the biggest fan of spinach (even if she adores it), but when delicately spiced and combined with chickpeas in this pie it was heavenly. The filling was full of flavour and beautifully soft, and the pastry was just right, not in the least bit stodgy and perfectly contrasted the filling. Overall it was a wholesome and scrumptious dish, something we’ve definitely got to return for more of. The pakoras and falafel were a pleasant side to the meal, a beautiful addition, adding even more chickpeas to a chickpea meal!


We chose to have our three bean chilli with rice and extra cheese, although you can have it served as a half pint with bread. The generous portion of chilli was delicious (there was enough for her to steal some too); rich with a beautifully intense flavour, providing a kick but still manageable. The rice worked excellently, soaking up all the tomatoy goodness, and you can never really go wrong with extra cheese!

Overall our trip to Crumbs was amazing, with a great selection of tasty and wholesome food, we’ll absolutely come back again soon.


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