Meat-free Monday @ Mockingbird Theatre

Having heard about meat-free Mondays at the Mockingbird Theatre in Custard Factory, and having had a particularly wet Monday we couldn’t resist the prospect!

Set in the beautiful The Mockingbird Theatre every Monday the menus at The Mockingbird Theatre are meat-free, in association with The Vegan Grindhouse (TVG), offering a delicious array of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. Each week the menus change, so you’ll always be able to try something different, and since we’ve previously tried TVG’s offerings at Digbeth Dining Club we knew we were in for a treat!

As there were three of us on this occasion, and two options in each category we decided to be difficult and order everything off the menu, and just split it when we got it. After what felt like no time at all we had received our food (honestly it must have been less than five minutes it was great!), a vegeterian Philly Cheesesteak, a gluten-free Mac’n’Cheese, sweet potato fries and Grindhouse Slaw.

The vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak came with marinated seitan “steak” strips, with red onions and mushrooms topped with homemade cashew cheese sauce and bbq sauce all served in a white sub roll. Admittedly when we read through the menu we had no idea what seitan was, which after googling we found out was a wheat based substitute for meat, but it was absolutely delicious, something we’ll have to look into. Overall the whole cheesesteak worked really well and was full of flavour, and even though we’re not normally big fans of mushrooms we just wanted more! The sweet potato fries were just heavenly (you can never go wrong with sweet potato its so good) and the Grindhouse slaw was beautifully creamy yet crunchy, perfectly accompanying the mains.

The Mac’n’Cheese had gluten-free pasta topped with homemade cashew cheese sauce and crispy fried shallots. Having grown up with a coeliac and tried some bad gluten-free pastas, it was a pleasant surprised and tasted just like regular pasta, soft and beautifully cooked. The cashew cheese sauce was luscious and rich, with a delicate contrast between the cheese and cashew nuts which worked really well overall.

After wolfing those down we moved onto dessert. Firstly we started with the cookie sandwich- two homemade chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sauce. Understandably this was the more difficult dessert to split between three, but boy was it yummy; the beautifully crunchy cookie complemented by the silky smooth buttercream worked really well, a simple but delicious dish.

Finally we had a banana split, filled with vanilla ice “cream”, whipped “cream”, chocolate and strawberry sauces, cherries and chopped roasted hazelnuts. We never did ask why they were called “cream”, but then again it was too scrumptious to really question! The banana split was a beautiful way to round up the meal, a tasty sweet dish with a delicious ice-cream. Honestly the ice-cream was amazing, whatever “cream” it was.


Our visit to Mockingbird Theatre was wonderful, both Mockingbird and TVG staff were extremely friendly, we can’t wait to come back and try out both more meat-free and regular offerings at the Mockingbird Theatre!


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