Mount Fuji, Cardiff

We were in Cardiff for the day, and our search through the arcades for a specific  restaurant she wanted to show me was fruitless (although we did stop for ice-cream!), so we tried St Davids for something to eat. Finally we came across Mount Fuji, which we’d always seen in the Bullring, just never got round to trying out. So we travelled 100 miles, to go to somewhere we could go back home!

Mount Fuji serves traditional Japanese cuisine, offering bento boxes, curry, teriyaki, donburi, tempura and sushi, with their Cardiff restaurant styled as a Japanese bullet train! Their other location is in the Bullring and they offer an online store.


We were greeted by very friendly staff, offering us one of the booths (which she was very happy with since ours was glowing pink!). After perusing the admittedly daunting menu, I settled on chicken and curry udon noodle, and she chose a pork stir fry bento.


The chicken and curry udon noodle was a curry based broth, with vegetables, thick-udon noodles and chicken karage (fried chicken). As udon is my favourite noodle, and I can never go wrong with chicken karage this was the perfect choice for me, with the beautifully spiced broth combining the whole dish together. Having never tried a curry based broth it was a new experience for me and one I’d absolutely recommend! (Even though it was very very hot!)

Having discovered the beauty of the bento box at Yaki Nori, she knew she absolutely had to get one! Hers came with stir fried pork, onion and peppers, served in a ginger based soy sauce. It came along with sticky rice, pickles, pulled chicken, corn, beans and gyozas. The pork was delicious and soft, and the ginger based soy sauce that it was cooked in was not something we had ever tried before, but its absolutely something we’ll have to try to cook with! The sides were delicious and the pulled chicken was served in orange sauce which was an interesting combination! Admittedly we weren’t too sure on what flavour of gyoza it was but they were absolutely delicious and still crispy!

Overall it was a great experience, and as we love Japanese cuisine we’ll have to try out the Mount Fuji closer to home!


One thought on “Mount Fuji, Cardiff

  1. I *used* to do Mt Fuji in the Bullring until one day when I went in there with my mother. We are cursed with a sensitive sense of smell, and we walked in to be affronted with the smell of spoilt oil. Essentially they had over heated their oil and it gave an overarching dirty, “off” smell

    We were both still smelling bad oil hours later and I’ve never been back since. That was a few years ago, I admit, so it’ll be interesting to see if anything is better.


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