Our visit to Alley Cafe!

We had a bit of a nightmare trying to find the Alley Cafe during our day trip to Nottingham. We must have walked past the alley four or five times until we realised that we had to go down it! Tucked away in Cannon Court, up a flight of stairs, we (eventually) found the adorable vegetarian cafe.


Their solely vegetarian menu was very extensive, with most options also being vegan and/or gluten free! They also had a good selection of cakes, which sadly we had to miss on this occasion.

They also have reguarly changing specials, including different pates, soups, main meals, juices, shakes and (most importantly) cakes! I was particularly tempted by the Mustard Roasted Tofu they had when we visited, but sadly they had just sold out of it. The pates and soups could be ordered alongside a range of breads including garlic bread and cheese on toast!


After much deliberation, he decided to order a falafel buger and I a tempeh burger. The accurately named ‘Fantastic Falafel burger’ came in a granary roll (gluten free bread was available) with mint yoghurt, hummus and spicy potato wedges. He also decided to order extra vegetarian bacon, as he had never tried it and was curious about the prospect. The ‘Tempting Tempeh burger’ came with a spicy marinated tomato tempeh (a Indonesian version of tofu, with a much firmer texture and contains much more protein!) with salad, ketchup, mayonaise, again in a granary roll alongside organic potato wedges. Both dishes came with a rather delicious burger relish!

IMG_3655 IMG_3657

A constructed burger (minus a few wedges – he couldn’t resist!)

This hidden gem is absolutely worth searching for if you’re ever in Nottingham, regardless of whether you’re vegetarian or not!


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