Kitty Cafe Nottingham!

We both completely love cats and I have always wanted to visit a Cat Cafe. There isn’t one in Birmingham currently (there have been two attempts at starting one in Brum via crowdfunding but none have been successful yet) and although there is one in London, we sadly didn’t have time when we visited. We found out that the Kitty Cafe was open in Nottingham, so we just had to take a day trip!


You can book hour slots in the Kitty Cafe, with a £3 welfare charge per person (to make sure that the cats are happy and well-looked after!). They also serve a range of drinks, cake and hot food. I was very impressed by their tea menu, which covered two A4 pages!IMG_3513

Generally, you would assume that a themed cafe would make the theme the priority and so the quality of food would take a back seat. This is definitely not the case of the Kitty Cafe! The drinks and food were both excellent!

I ordered the Fairy Princess Fruit tea (I couldn’t resist the name – after googling it I found out it was from Jenier World of Tea’s children’s range, I regret nothing.) while he ordered hot chocolate. The tea came in the most adorable cat themed teapot (I think I need to invest in one myself!) and was absolutely delicious! The tea was a mix of fruit pieces, including apple, pineapple, papaya, strawberry and blackberry as well as hibiscus and rosehip! The tea was a lovely red-pink colour and smelled amazing! His hot chocolate was also really good – he liked it how it was and didn’t have to add any more sugar (Nothing is sweet enough for him so he almost always does!). We also decided to also order a slice of the apple and cinnamon gateaux. The presentation was unepexctedly cute and the cake was so good! The piece was big enough for us to share, even if we did squabble over who got to have the last few mouthfuls!

The kitchen was behind a glass window, with trays of food passing through a double hatch system to make sure the cats stayed away from it! It was great to watch people working in the kitchen, but what was even more impressive was the wall of tea surrounding it!

I think I want a tea wall for my own kitchen!

We wouldn’t be able to write about a cat themed cafe without lots of photos of adorable cats, so enjoy!

The waitresses also had to cutest cat themed dresses and cat ears were worn by most – if not all – of the staff! The Kitty Cafe was the most adorable place I’ve ever visited and every single customer looked really happy during their time there. We would wholeheartedly recommend the Kitty Cafe to anyone and we may have to take a few more visits up to Nottingham to visit!


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