Summer Market 2015 Food Round-Up

Today was the Summer Market, part of the Seasonal Market events, at the Bond Company which had over twenty amazing food and drink vendors, as well as many local artists and artisans showcasing their best.

We loved Spring Market so much last time and were really excited to visit and try all the amazing food on offer! We promised ourselves that we’d try new stalls, and new things to what we’d normally have. We mostly achieved that. Sort of.

There was even some gaming set ups, supplied by Joypads, offering classic games, including Pacman and Mario Kart 64 for people to play!

As the Spring Market proved so popular, there were many more vendors than last time so we were spoilt for choice! Firstly we tried out The Indian Rasoi, specialising in fresh, home-cooked Indian street food. They had many offerings, however we spotted a mixed bites platter, consisting of two vegetable samosas and one pakora, which we chose since the pakora was gluten-free and our friend is a coeliac.

The samosas and pakora were served with a homemade coleslaw and mint sauce. They were absolutely delicious, tasting exactly how our friends used to make them, bringing back good memories! We can’t wait to try what else The Indian Rasoi have to offer, as everything they had to offer looked and smelled so scrumptious!IMG_4313

Next we stopped at Digbeth Dining Club regular, Canoodle, for a Thai green curry of sweet potato and chickpea, served with vegetables and peanuts.


The curry was delicious, the sweet potato was so incredibly soft and the whole dish was beautifully spiced. She had tried this dish before at Valefest but I’d never tried it and it was great, absolutely recommended to everyone, and not only vegetarians.

Our next choice was a new one to us, meet Frank, a Liverpool based vendor serving gourmet hotdogs. Their hot dogs are also gluten-free (however on this occasion they did forget to bring gluten-free buns!) as they are all made by them, which is excellent news for coeliacs. We chose a Polish; a double smoked Polish sausage, butter fried onions, thyme, ketchup, mustard and crispy onions.

Having grown up eating Polish meats, it was great to see that the sausage was spot on, absolutely nailing the flavours and texture of a great Polish sausage. It worked excellently with the fried onions, with the crispy onions on top providing a contrasting texture, an all round great hot dog. As we arrived early the guys were still in the process of cooking the first few batches but they were really friendly and cracking jokes while we were waiting in the queue!

We decided to have a sweet break so stopped by the Cake Doctor!

Served from his ambulance, the Cake Doctor had many sweet treats, including a beautiful carrot cake, but we couldn’t resist a crème brûlée, meringue kiss and a hot chocolate. The crème brûlée and meringue was delicious and a refreshing break to pause on.

Before moving onto more food we decided to explore the market hall which had a large selection of artisan products, from bakery products to cute little aprons! Our friend settled on a necklace as a gift from Working Clasp, a Birmingham based artist who designs and produces laser cut jewellery.

After the short interlude we thought we’d return to a Birmingham favourite, and chose to have three chilli beef brisket tacos from Habaneros, served with our choice of a chilli lime mayo sauce.

As usual the Habanero team were amazing, producing some of the best tacos in Birmingham, with such amazing meats and flavours. You should already know who Habanero are at this point.

To conclude our adventure we decided to return to meet Frank and Cake Doctor, for skin on fries, homemade raspberry lemonade and even more crème brûlée to go!

The fries were coated in ‘American Fry Spices’, which we’d never had before, which was actually really tasty and worked well on top of the crispy fries! The Cake Doctor’s homemade raspberry lemonade was a refreshing way to end the day, deliciously sweet yet tangy, certainly a recipe to recreate for a hot summer day!

All in all a great day out, which we wholeheartedly recommend! Now we’ve just got to wait for the Autumn Market!


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