Paradice Gelateria Harborne

Since it was a sunny afternoon, we decided to go for a stroll and try out Paradice Gelateria in Harborne. Paradice Gelateria make fresh gelato on site, in a huge range of flavours, as well as their own sundaes, fresh caramel waffles, desserts and drinks.

They also have a varied selection of toppings, including many popular sweets, from Kinder Bueno to Crunchie and everything in between. What was great to see was the varied selection of gluten-free cakes, as well as the ability to choose a gluten-free ice-cream cone!

In the end we opted for a Ferrerolicious sundae and a standard waffle with toffee sauce. The sundae came with Ferrero Rochers on top of the sundae, both vanilla and Ferrero Rocher gelato (which had whole ferrero rochers mixed through), nutella sauce all topped with whipped cream and hazelnuts pieces. The sundae was so good – the presence of Ferrero Rochers makes anything good in my eyes and this didn’t disappoint! We got a standard sundae to share and it was more than enough (even if we did keep arguing over who got the last fererro rocher), although there is the option to supersize. I loved the Ferrero Rocher gelato so much and I can’t believe I’ve never had it before, I need to have it again!

The waffle was also really good. The waffles were freshly cooked and so were at that lovely stage where the outside is warm and crisp but the inside is just that bit gooey and lovely. They were also caramel waffles, so they had a hint of caramel, making the waffles sweet and all that bit more scrumptious. As with the sundaes a whole range of toppings can be added to the waffles, but we thought we’d try it how it was made to be eaten!

Also, can I point out how adorable the wafer on top of the sundae was? Having the Paradice Gelateria written on it was a lovely touch!


Paradise Gelateria is the perfect place to stop for a cold gelato, especially in the hot weather we’re having now!


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