Street Souvlaki & Esmies at Digbeth Dining Club 26/6/15

This week’s Digbeth Dining Club was another short one for us as our friend couldn’t make it but that never stops us. Although due to a busy day having lunch at three, to arrive at Digbeth at half five didn’t help either.

Even though we arrived at Digbeth after it had just opened its gates, we noticed that there was already quite an impressive queue for Original Patty Men, undoubtedly due to their Burger Battle victory. Like last week Digbeth Dining Club had further invested in some more cute nicknacks which we loved! (Especially the cute little heather plants!)IMG_3825
After reading on twitter that Street Souvlaki had played about with their chicken souvlaki, and were offering a marinated version, we knew we had to pay them a visit (I know I think we’re addicted too). We chose to have all the toppings including both tahini and tzatziki.


We’re not sure as to what exactly the marinade entailed, and even when asking we just got an answer of “secrets”, but boy was it delicious. Honestly, I have no idea how Street Souvlaki manage to improve on already delicious meals, but somehow they did it! The chicken was so incredibly soft, cooked perfectly over the coals, with the marinated chicken contrasting amazingly with the sauces.

I’ve already said it, but I still don’t understand how they managed to improve what was already one of my favourite street food dishes, it was honestly amazing.

Already feeling fuller, we popped over to Leave it to Esmie, choosing a mutton curry bowl with a side of sweet potato.

IMG_3833 IMG_3832

Neither of us had ever had mutton, and I’m not the biggest lamb fan, so we thought we’d try something different for a change (even if the chickpea curry is divine). With the stereotype that mutton can be tough and stringy we were shocked at how unbelievably soft the meat was, and the curry itself was delicious with perfect amount of heat. The rice and peas provided an excellent contrast to the curry, which she was also very happy to have since she loves rice and peas! The sweet chilli potato were moreish, providing a contrasting heat to the mutton curry. One day we’ll figure out the recipe. One day.


Overall a short trip to Digbeth Dining Club for us, and our last in a while due to work, but on the 4th of July they are hosting another street closure with a huge line up of twelve amazing traders so why not pop down and try something new!



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