Digbeth Dining Club – the platter that (nearly) defeated us!

This week’s Digbeth Dining Club was an unusual one for us; normally we plan to order at least three or four smaller dishes, trying as many stalls as possible before we explode, however this week was different as we had our heart set out on a new dish from Habaneros…

Before we get onto the food that (almost) defeated us, we noticed that Digbeth Dining Club had invested in some more decorations and seating which looked great!

image3 (4)

image1 (9)

On twitter, Habaneros had announced that they were going to be bringing a new street food platter, consisting of two tacos, quesadillas, home made nachos with chilli beef and corn hush puppies, all served with guacamole, jalapeños, salsa, mayonaise and salad.
image2 (2) image1 (7)
We opted for two chilli beef tacos which, as always for Habaneros, were delicious! They weren’t too heavy and so were an excellent way to start the platter. The guacamole was delicious – I’ve only just started liking guacamole and this one was lovely!

We next moved onto the hush puppies; a deep fried corn and jalapeño fritter. We had never tried anything like this before and it was amazing, soft and with a slight kick. We’d love to see this come back as a side in the future as they were just so good!
image2 (4)

Next, we moved onto the quesadillas. The cheese was melty and delicious and we are firm believers that you can never have enough beef chilli! We absolutely adored the quesadillas and we really hope they become a regular feature on the menu!

image4 (4)

Lastly we moved onto the home-made nachos – which came with even more beef chilli (yay!). They were crispy, surprisingly light and moreish!

image3 (5)

The platter came with a selection of dips including a smooth heavenly salsa which I wish I could buy to take home !The platter cost £11, and embarrassingly we demolished it in only 11 minutes.

(I know it sounds like we’re just raving about Habanero at this point, but its very much  deserved!)

image1 (8)
£11, 11 minutes…

After recovering we decided that unfortunately we just didn’t have the space for a whole other dish, so we thought it was time to finally try Delizie Italiane’s tiramisu in a cone! 
image4 (3)

For quite a while we’ve been eyeing up this dish and we absolutely weren’t disappointed. The magnificent Italian dessert but in a more portable form; absolute culinary genius! The cone contained a whole piece of tiramisu cake which had been mixed up and piped into the cone – it was absolutely delicious and I only wish we’d tried it sooner!image1 (5)

All in all, this week’s DDC was a shorter trip for us than usual but it was as amazing as ever! If Habanero bring their platter back to DDC, we would wholeheartedly recomment it, especially to those who enjoy sharing dishes!


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