London Adventure Roundup!

Having planned to visit London for quite a while we couldn’t wait to go. In advance, catching a 7:10 train seemed like an excellent idea (it wasn’t), as did making pancakes at 5am (She have never regretted her choices more than she did that morning)

After walking from Euston through the ever so beautiful Hyde Park, our first stop was the Natural History Museum  I’d never been there and we both absolutely love dinosaurs. The exhibits were amazing, and we may have taken more than a few bad selfies with the dinosaurs!

Having already walked our recommended steps for the day, we thought it was about time for food. Well, I did. Pancakes just aren’t designed to last you seven hours!

We decided to stop at Hummus Bros, a Levantine restaurant in Soho specialising in Hummus.

I first went to Hummus Bros several years ago, when I was a bit of a newbie to hummus. I loved it then and considering that chickpeas are now a big part of my diet (I love them way too much), I knew I had to take him when we went to London for the day!

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After our delicious hummus, I surprised her and we paid a visit to The Theatre Cafe which, as the name suggests, is a theatre themed cafe, filled with quaint little props, relics and bits and bobs from all things theatre and musicals related!

We have both always really enjoyed theatre and seem to constantly be booking tickets for the next musical or play to go on tour to Birmingham. I found out about The Theatre Cafe through their Twitter I thought it’d be an excellent surprise for her on our trip to London!

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Our next call was Chinatown, full to the brim of crispy duck specialists (Every other shop seemed to sell it, I think one day we may have to go and try them all!) and Chinese supermarkets.

Whenever our friends from Hong Kong visit London, they always visit Chinatown and come back with recommendations for us to try, so we couldn’t resist exploring while we were nearby! The area was so busy and vibrant, with so many shops that we wanted to explore!

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Having tried the delights that Chinatown offered, perused the bizarre M&M World, and wondered through the wonders of Covent Gardens, we stopped at Food for Thought, a delightful, small independent vegetarian restaurant.

I first went to Food for Thought about six months ago with my mother and simply fell in love with the charm of this tiny underground vegetarian cafe. I was determined that one day I’d bring him here and when I learned it was closing the week after we were visiting London I knew that we just had to visit.

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IMG_3226We had a wonderful day in the capital (if exhausting – walking over 30000 steps in one day tends to take it out of you!) Next time, we decided we have to visit the Japan Centre!


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