Mini adventure in Chinatown!

Whenever our friends from Hong Kong visit London, they always visit Chinatown and come back with recommendations for us to try, so we couldn’t resist exploring while we were nearby! The area was so busy and vibrant, with so many shops that we wanted to explore!

Chinatown London gate
The gate to Chinatown!

The number of bakeries we walked past made resisting the urge to buy a ridiculous amount of cake really difficult! I love matcha cake (especially the one from Wah Kee Bakery in Birmingham!) and every shop made it look absolutely delicious! Just writing about matcha cake is making me crave it, so I may have to try and make a version myself very soon!

He had been on a mission to find takoyaki for weeks, so we thought that if we would find it anywhere, it would be Chinatown. We searched all day and finally we found a street food vendor selling the fried squid. He decided to order a large portion and save half (We carried Tupperware boxes in our bags all day just in case we actually found it!). He really liked it, although he did admit that he thought the texture of the Yo Sushi version was better.

 In a supermarket we spotted this adorable Hello Kitty bun, so immediately bought it! I wish we’d bought two, as only later that evening did we realise that we should have got one for his younger sister – oops! The bun was absolutely delicious and filled with chocolate! I need to work out how to make this, even if eating Hello Kitty does feel a bit like a crime!

While we were in the supermarkets, we also picked up strawberry mochi (we’re a big fan of the ones at Yo Sushi which, though probably untraditional, are delicious!). We’ve been looking for mochi in Chinese supermarkets for weeks and hadn’t yet found one we liked. This one was one of the best we’d found! We also picked up a pack of jelly pudding (our friend from Hong Kong swears the mango is the best flavour, but my favourite will always be the strawberry!). The vegetarian and gluten free puddings are fruit flavoured (normally mango, lychee, strawberry and melon with nata de coco cubes throughout! We also spotted pairs of decorated chopsticks so we decided to pick up a matching pair for ourselves!

Strawberry mochi, pudding, Hello Kitty Cake and matching chopsticks!

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