Food For Thought London!

I first went to Food for Thought about six months ago with my mother, who in turn has visited it many times, and I simply fell in love with the charm of this tiny underground vegetarian restaurant. I was determined that one day I’d bring him here and when I learned it was closing the week after we were visiting London I knew that we just had to visit.


This tiny restaurant in Covent Garden has been open for forty years, serving solely home-made vegetarian food (with most meals also being either vegan or gluten free too!). The menu changes daily, with a range of hot dishes, soups, quiches and salads, as well as specials. They also offer desserts (which looked very tempting!) as well as meal deals!

The warm and friendly atmosphere complements the delicious hearty meals served here. The staff are incredibly friendly and seemed just like a family and this feeling continues throughout the restaurant. The tables are all close together, which gives a sense of communal eating. The small space had around six or seven tables in, as well as a few upstairs and one table tucked around the corner that was so low you sat on cushions on the floor! They also did take-out meals which meant that the restaurant was always busy!

I went for a Mexican Bake which came with peppers, sweetcorn, sweet potato and mushrooms and was topped with cheese, while he chose a chickpea curry, made up of chickpeas, carrots, broad beans, pepper and cheese. Both heart-warming meals were absolutely delicious with really well balanced flavours. The bowls were deceptive and looked smaller than they actually were – the meal was incredibly filling, so much so that he had to give some of his meal to me to finish and that never happens! It was also really impressive to get such a lovely meal in the middle of London for around £5!

Mexican Bake
Chickpea Curry
Our empty plates (I’m afraid I don’t like mushrooms, so I had to make a rather embarrassing pile of them on the side of my plate)

He absolutely loved Food for Thought and I’m just glad I was able to show him this unique restaurant before it closed! It was really busy and popular and I’m sure it will be missed! The owners have no plans to relocate but haven’t completely ruled out reopening at some point in the future, which I’m sure would be welcomed with open arms by the vegetarian community!



2 thoughts on “Food For Thought London!

    1. I had never tried that one, but I just googled it and it sounded so nice! 😦 it’s such a shame when really good food places close 😥


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