Hummus Bros!

I first went to Hummus Bros several years ago, when I was a bit of a newbie to hummus. I loved it then and considering that chickpeas are now a big part of my diet (I love them way too much), I knew I had to take him when we went to London for the day!


As soon as we entered the Levantine restaurant, we were greeted by very friendly staff, who explained how the restaurant worked and the different menu choices.

Might be too blurry?

We knew we were going to have a long food-filled day ahead of us, so we decided to get one main with sides and just share it between us. We chose to order the chicken and falafel hummus bowl, with an extra pitta bread and sweet potato falafels, which were new to the menu.

The portion was more than enough for us to share. The chicken was absolutely divine and we both wolfed it down. The hummus was some of the best I’d ever had and all the different toppings – paprika, tahini and a tomato salsa – were delicious. The falafels were soft and moist, just perfect. (There’s nothing worse than a dry falafel – you may as well be eating dust!)

Just like the falafels on the bowl, the sweet potato falafels were delicious and came with a lovely tzatziki dip.The pittas themselves were amazing – light, still warm and incomparable to the sort bought in supermarkets.

I thought this looked like a smiley face, so I thought the presentation was absolutely adorable!

After we’d finished our meal, we were given two complimentary mint teas which was a lovely touch.


As we were leaving, he spotted these ‘modern parenting’ books which we thought were delightful!IMG_3138

Starting at around £5 for a hummus bowl it’s amazing value for the quality and quantity of food. Hummus Bros is absolutely worth trying out next time you’re in London!

(Also Hummus Bros successfully funded capital to be able to purchase equipment so that they can sell their amazing hummus in supermarkets so hopefully we will start seeing it very soon!)


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