Digbeth Dining Club Food Roundup 12/6/15

This week at Digbeth Dining Club there was one new vendor –  Meat Heads  – who we’d seen all over twitter but had never got the chance to try, along with Becky’s Bhajis which had been before but we missed out on.

We decided to start with a meatball smash from Meat Heads. We opted for the The New Yorker meatballs, which came smashed over seasoned chips with and tomato sauce.  The meatballs were really good and the sauce was amazing. We always share everything we order at DDC between a few of us, but if this had been for just one person, the portion size would have been spot on!

New Yorker smashed meatballs
New Yorker smashed meatballs

Next, we tried Becky’s Bhaji’s. We decided to order the ‘Arji Bhaji’ which came with three large onion bhajis and two dips. The bhajis were light and moreish and the amount  we got was amazing (also, as always in life, it pays to be friendly, since Becky offered us the loose crispy bits!). The two dips were delicious, with one pot of raita and one pot of a curry dip we couldn’t identify but loved! It was really nice to see that they cater to coeliacs, with gluten free options available on request!

Arji Bhaji

When we saw that Low n slow were offering chilli beef brisket, we knew we had to try it! It came with cheddar cheese, triple smoked whiskey oak bacon (I love bacon normally, but this one was simply divine!), pickle, mustard slaw and sriracha mayo all served on a toasted brioche bun. Considering Andy is the king of meat, he defintely didn’t fail to impress with the chilli brisket!

image3 (2)

We, of course, had to finish off with Victoria Creperie! However we just couldn’t decide between their amazing baklava and the summer fruits pavlova. Naturally, we decided to do the right thing and try both! The baklava, as always, was scrumptious and we were all fighting over the last few bites! The pavlova was so good – as is everything that they (and their sister company Street Souvlaki (x)) do! The meringue was lovely and crisp and the mix of fruits was just right. He loves redcurrants and I love pomegranate, so we were both very happy with this dessert!

image4 (2) image5 (2)

We knew that now was a sensible time to call it a night, but the Sicilian lemon cheesecake just looked way too tempting! We decided it was acceptable to order a third dessert because 1) lemon is ‘palette cleansing’ (whatever that means, he just told me to say it!) and 2) lemon is fruit therefore the cheesecake was healthy! The cheesecake was absolutely lovely. The hidden lemon rind throughout the cake was both cute and refreshing! Having now tried all their cheesecake flavours, I simply can’t choose a favourite, so I think I’ll have to keep on ordering all three!

image6 (1)t!


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