Chicken Wings at The Butchers’ Social!

To celebrate the start of a three day weekend, my friend and I decided to go to The Butchers’ Social. We went for brunch last time and saw the unusual chicken wing flavours and knew we had to try them!

This week’s choices were black bean and chilli, sticky five spice, kimchi and cherry and chocolate. We decided to order the black bean and chilli and the cherry and chocolate, and took them out to the ‘Secret Garden’ at the back of the pop-up. The back garden was adorable, with hay bales for seats, and a graffiti artist working on the garden’s decor.

The chicken wings come in two sizes, 1/2 a kilo or a full kilo of chicken. We decided to get half a kilo of each and they were amazing. The black bean and chilli wings were covered in a delicious sauce. The chicken skin was perfectly fried and the whole portion was insanely good!
IMG_2922I had never thought that cherry, chocolate, pistachios and chicken would work well together. They work incredibly well. I may have to just start eating chicken as dessert more often! The chocolate cherry sauce was so thick and rich! I am a fan of pistachios in any form and they were just delicious with this dish!IMG_2917

It was impossible to eat these and stay clean, so we gave up trying and just wolfed them down. It was only after the chef came to ask if we’d enjoyed that we realised that we had chocolate sauce all over our faces!

The aftermath!

After popping to the bathroom to clean up, I noticed this quote painted on the wall. I think for a foodie blogger, this could not be more true!



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