Deliveroo from Bengal Delight

A few weeks ago at DDC, I won £25 credit for Deliveroo, as did everyone else who took part in the competition. This in no way altered our opinion of Deliveroo or of the restaurant.

We decided to use this money to order curry for us and a friend and so ordered three curries from Bengal Delight. We decided to order a Chicken Karai, a “Sizzler” Masaka Special Thawa, a Nawabi Murgh and one Peshwari Naan. While ordering, we completely forgot to order some form of rice and didn’t remember until we were halfway through our meal, so next time we’ll make sure we remember!

The Nawabi Murgh came with chicken, egg, onion and tomato. Not being a fan of egg, I didn’t try this one so left it all to him. He had never tried an egg in a curry before, but said it works surprisingly well!

Nawabi Murgh
Nawabi Murgh

The Sizzler Masaka Special Thawa came with spicy Marinated chicken which came in a bamboo shoots and green and red peppers in a thick sauce. This curry was a bit spicier than I expected but I enjoyed it nonetheless! 

Sizzler Masaka Special Thawa
Sizzler Masaka Special Thawa

Our friend ordered the Chicken Karai, which was definitely my favourite of the three! The sauce had just the right level of spice and there was a really generous portion of chicken!

 Chicken Karai,
Chicken Karai,

The peshwari naan was lovely and sweet. By the time it had got to us, some of the sugar had melted to form a sticky syrup which was really nice.

Peshwari Naan
Peshwari Naan

Overall, we were impressed with both Bengal Delight and Deliveroo’s service. We can’t wait for the number of participating restaurants to increase along with the delivery radius. What was great was that our order even arrived quicker than the estimated delivery time!


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