Ebb & Flow Solihull

After visiting Solihull and always spotting Ebb & Flow, with it being such a beautiful day we knew we finally had to stop and try it out.


While we thought about what to choose, as always, we decided to order drinks. He chose an Energy Boost juice whilst I opted for a Fruit Punch tea. The juice came in a cocktail shaker which was cute! The juice was a mixture of oranges, strawberries and banana. He was convinced that the strongest flavour was banana whilst I thought it was the oranges! The tea came in a tea set which was adorable! The Brew Tea Co tea was delicious – a blend of hibiscus, rosehip, lemongrass, orange peel & strawberry oil. I love fruit teas and this one was so good! I really appreciated the fact that the label said how long to brew the tea for, since I over/underbrew my tea far too often!

By the time our drinks had arrived, we had decided on what we wanted. He ordered the Louisiana Chicken whilst I opted for the BBQ pulled pork and beef chilli flatbread. I can never resist bubble and squeak, so we decided to get it as a side.

The Louisiana Chicken came in a lovely smokey tomato sauce with a side of southern rice. The chicken was delicious, surrounded in a spiced crispy mix which provided an interesting texture combination with the rice and chicken. It was certainly a filling dish but you absolutely get your monies worth.

Louisiana Chicken

Next up was my flatbread. I had never thought to combine pulled pork with beef chilli, but it works so well! There was so much of it that even I was struggling to finish! The flatbread base was lovely and soft and I really enjoyed this dish! One could describe it as being a more advanced pizza as it had the traditional dough base but not with too much sauce to overpower any of the flavours on it. Also the crockery was so unbelievably cute!

Pulled Pork and Beef Chilli Flatbread

Finally we can’t forget the bubble and squeak which I just had to get which was delicious as it always is and was quite a large side for only £2.50!

IMG_2707We can’t wait to go back and try out some of their sweet offerings and maybe just get afternoon tea which comes with sweet and savoury!


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