Digbeth Dining Club at #SelfridgesXWorkIt

We heard about Selfridges’ Work It events  (#SelfridgesXWorkIt) on Twitter and when we learned that they were collaborating with Digbeth Dining Club (x), we had to head down at the first opportunity!

We headed down on Thursday, as soon as it opened, when Canoodle (x) and Delizie Italiane (x) were there. Canoodle were selling their yushan steamed buns (always a favourite of ours), while Delizie Italiane had her arancini, along with cannoli and tiramusi. IMG_2685

Every time we see Delizie Italiane, we always plan on buying the tiramisu (it comes in a cone!) but after chatting with her before the event, we learned that this time she was bringing cannoli. Of course, we had to try it! The cannoli was a sweet puff pastry filled with a delicious creme patisserie.


The event is going on until the 31st of May. A list of which vendors are going to be at the event can be found here, and if there are any changes to the lineup, you can find out about it on DDC’s twitter!


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