Pre-Gig Handmade Burger Co. at Brindleyplace

Last week, we went to see Paper Aeroplanes at The Rainbow and decided to stop at Handmade Burger Co. (x) in Brindleyplace for dinner beforehand.

Having worked our way through most of the chicken menu, I decided to try the Greek lamb burger, whereas he was determined to stick with chicken, so he opted for the American Cheese. The Greek lamb burger came with a generous portion of feta, tzatziki, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. The lamb was lovely and cooked really well! In comparison to the chicken burger, the lamb burger looks a lot smaller, but it was so delicious! The American Cheese burger came with onion rings (which of course I stole some of!), bacon, gherkin, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce and onion. The chicken burger was massive and great as always.

Greek Lamb Burger
Greek Lamb Burger
Chicken American cheese
Chicken American Cheese

We decided to order a side of Cajun chips, along with dips – Cajun mayonnaise, (very) sweet (very) chilli dip and what is definitely our new favourite barbecue. The cajun chips had a bit of a kick which didn’t have an effect on us until the end but were lovely nonetheless. They somehow worked really well with the barbecue dip which was delicious and chunky!

Cajun fries with sweet chilli, barbecue and cajun mayo dips
Cajun fries with sweet chilli, barbecue and Cajun mayo dips

We decided to get a brownie and waffle sundae for dessert. The waffle was surprisingly nice and there was a very generous helping of chocolate sauce which is always a good thing for him!

Brownie and waffle sundae
Brownie and waffle sundae

After finishing our dessert, we decided to head down to The Rainbow in Digbeth. It wasn’t too far from where DDC is held, so even we couldn’t get too lost! I had been wanting to see Paper Aeroplanes for years and had almost gone a few years ago but I had to cancel at the last minute, so when I heard they were coming to Birmingham, I knew I had to go and that he had to come with me!

It was such a lovely atmosphere and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The support act, Lewis & Leigh, were so good. Their first song was Rubble about a mining valley in Wales (Being from an old Welsh mining valley originally, I particularly enjoyed that one!) and it was an excellent warm up act which everyone loved.

Lewis and Leigh
Lewis and Leigh
Paper Aeroplanes
Paper Aeroplanes

Paper Aeroplanes is a folk/indie (“emo dream folk” – We don’t know what that means either, but it’s good!) band from West Wales (There’s a bit of a theme here…) who’ve been going since 2009 (I’ve been slowly ‘forcing’ him to listen) so it was brilliant to finally see them live! There was an amazing atmosphere and everyone looked so happy (especially during Guessing Game, which is one of my all time favourite songs!). I can’t wait for the next time Paper Aeroplanes tour (which hopefully won’t be too long!) and I will be dragging him along then too!


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