The Butchers Social Pop Up Harborne

We heard about The Butchers Social pop-up restaurant in Harborne on Twitter and knew we just had to check it out. I had never ventured further up the High Street than BTP so I would have had no idea The Butchers Social was even there!

A couple of days ago me and my friend decided to go there for brunch. When we entered, we were greeted with the smell of bacon cooking as we walked in, so we decided to split a bacon sandwich and then share a lemon meringue waffle for dessert. (In my opinion, all meals should be followed with dessert, brunch is no exception!)

The interior was really cute in a DIY way and there was little fairy lights around all the mirrors which was adorable! While we deliberated about what to order, we decided to get two hot chocolates. They came topped with marshmallows which I am always a fan of! The hot chocolates were really good and we drank them far too quickly, I wanted to make them last longer!


The bacon sandwich was way bigger than I expected for £4 and it was definitely enough for us to share (although I definitely wouldn’t say no to having one all to myself!). It came with a side salad and the bacon had been cooked really well (the portion was really generous too!). Next time, I think I’ll accept the offer of sauce (When they offered it to me this time, I panicked and said no when I wanted to say yes – a bit of habit of mine unfortunately…)


Next up was the waffle. The waffle came with shortbread pieces, crushed meringue, raspberries and a very generous portion of lemon curd. The lemon curd (x) was really lemony which I was a definite fan of! The fresh raspberries were a really nice touch too. The portion was again a lot bigger than I’d expected and despite our sweet tooth and how delicious it was, even we struggled to finish! It was absolutely scrumptious and I need to order it again!

The waffle is somewhere underneath all that topping!
Our finished plates!
Our finished plates!

After scrolling through their Twitter, I noticed that their evening menu contained chicken wings which changed every week (Last week’s was salted caramel, lemon thyme and ‘hot’, this week’s is lemon meringue, BBQ, Caribbean and Marmalade!) so I definitely have to bring him back here one evening! This week they also had mac and cheese on the evening menu, which is one of my all time favourite things so I am definitely going to return sooner rather than later!

(By the way, I’d take cash with you or pop to the cash machine across the road, they don’t take card payments!)


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