Roundup of Digbeth Dining Club 08/05/15

This week’s visit to DDC was a pretty short one, as this week our friend couldn’t make it. As a result, for the sake of our stomachs we sadly had to try less food. Due to the rain, DDC was a lot quieter than normal. Even though less people went, the vendors were still really busy as Deliveroo were trialing deliveries from DDC. They were running Mario Kart competitions to win free credit. I’m too competetive to ever miss an opportunity to destroy him at Mario Kart, so of course we had to play (and of course I beat him)!

This time, we decided to start with Street Souvlaki. Every time we see them, we’ve always ordered the chicken pitta with tahini sauce, so we felt like this time we ought to try something different. We decided to get the pork with tzatsiki (so adventurous, I know). Street Souvlaki were great as always and the pork was so good. After chatting to them for a while, they told us they had brought a batch of baklava, so that was in the back of our minds for the whole evening while we were planning our other food choices.

Pork pitta with tzatsiki

We decided to follow this with a Mac Daddy hot dog from Big Daddies Diner. He had a lot of Deliveroo orders to fulfill along with stall orders and so we were really impressed with how well they managed the orders and dealt with the extra pressure! This hot dog came with a (very generous) topping of Macaroni cheese, plus more cheese, bacon bits and ketchup. I love macaroni cheese, so adding it to a hot dog was a genius idea ! We devoured this almost embarrassingly quickly and loved every bit of it!

image2 (1)
Mac Daddy

Next up was Delizie Italiane. We sat for ages trying to decide which arancino to have, as they are always really good until we saw the sign for deep fried calzone. I sent him up to go and buy a tomato and mozzarella calzone and we were very impressed that she made it from scratch when we ordered it. We hadn’t realised that they make the tiramisu and arancini to order so this was even more impressive!

Making the calzone
Tiramisu pre-assembly

The calzone was delicious. Unlike the ones you get in chains, this one was unbelievably soft and airy. Being cooked from scratch, the filling was still piping hot and really melty, always a good thing. We would defintely recommend the calzone and I think it would be perfect served with some arancini!

We then decided we couldn’t resist the call of Street Souvlaki’s baklava anymore. He had never tried baklava before so this was a great time to try it! The baklava was amazing. The filo pastry was absolutely delicious and the filling was just perfect with the right amount of sticky honey binding it all together. We knew they could make excellent cheesecakes, but this was a whole new level! The baklava is definitely something everyone needs to try whenever they have it!

image4 (1)

We can confirm it was just as good the second time round as it was the first.

The second poriton!
The second portion!

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