Tea at Faculty Coffee!

We decided to pop into Faculty Coffee, located in Piccadilly Arcade in the city centre, since we had a bit of time to spare. The interior was so cute and the smell of coffee when we walked in was so inviting! I have to admit that we were eyeing up the cake selection, made up of a lemon drizzle, some kind of doughnut and possibly a duffin, alongside some homemade bread but this time, we decided to resist. Next time, we’ll definitely have to try one of the cakes!


Intrigued by the name, we decided to get a pot of Iron Goddess of Mercy (supplied by Waterloo Tea) to share. We sat there watching the barista preparing drinks for a while, trying to work out what he was doing to make the tea, until he pulled out a teapot and we realised we’d been watching him make coffee for five minutes… He was really friendly and brought us a little egg timer with the Chinese tea to make sure we brewed the tea for the right amount of time, which was adorable! I have a habit of both under-brewing tea and over-brewing it so I may have to get one of these for myself!

image1 (6)

I ended up drinking most of the pot myself (He is still a bit of a tea newbie, the only thing I can easily get him to drink is chai, but give me time!) but I can never have too much tea so no complaints from me there! I’d never tried oolong tea before, so it was definitely a new experience for me! It took me a while ti get into the new tea flavour (it always does!) but by the time I’d finished my first cup I was sure I liked it!

image3 (6)

Next time we visit, I definitely have to try one of the coffees, if not more of the tea selection!


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