Lunch at 4023

The plan of action after going to the cinema was to finally try out 4023, an independent Mediterranean cafe based near New Street. We’d walked past it a few times but had never actually gone in. My god, we were right not to walk past it again. 4023 is small establishment but the food and friendly atmosphere makes it well worth the wait for a seat when its busy. The main offerings can be bought as either a wrap or a platter, with the platter being the same thing as the wrap just with fried potatoes, bread, salad and yoghurt for only a pound more (absolutely worth it). She spotted the koulouri, a rolled flatbread topped with sesame seeds with a cheese and pepper filling, so we absolutely had to have one.

image3 (7)

The filling was amazing with just the right balance of cheese and peppers, giving a slight but not overpowering kick. This is absolutely one to get again next time (and maybe we’ll try to make it too!).

image6 (7)

After the koulouri, she opted for a pantseta (belly pork) platter, whereas I went for a pork sausage platter. What we were both surprised and very pleased with was both the quantity and quality of the meat as it was just so delicious!! Both were perfectly cooked and spiced just right, working excellently with the fried potato. They reminded me of the homemade ones we used to make when I was younger. Another bonus of the platter was the yoghurt topping which complemented the overall meal, it was so good that we just wanted more.

After asking we also discovered that there are several gluten free options available (Edit – after going back again a few days later and ordering a diced chicken platter for a coeliac, the bread was swapped out for some rice which was very kind of them) which is great news for coeliacs.

image8 (4)
Belly pork platter
image9 (4)
Sausage platter

We’re so glad we visited 4023 because the food and service was just absolutely amazing, certainly an experience everyone should try. What was even better was the price – £4.50 for the meat platter – and the fact that they are part of the Independent Birmingham card scheme, so with the card you get 10% off! It has to be one of the best meals in Birmingham for under £5. image11

image1 2
Diced chicken platter with rice instead of bread
Beef and pork meatball platter

Update 30/8/15:
We returned to 4023 after their holiday break, to find that they had a special on, butter beans tava- butter beans in a tomato, veg and herb sauce. Honestly it had to be one of the most delicious dishes we’ve ever eaten and it deserves noting. If you ever see that they have the butter bean tava on special you absolutely have to try it! While we were there we also had a halloumi and veg platter, which was beautifully seasoned, and a  feta tyropita, a lovely and crisp pastry filled with feta.

At this point we have to just recommend trying everything that 4023 has to offer!

image1 (1)
Halloumi and veg platter
Butter bean tava platter
Feta tyropita

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