Digbeth Dining Club Street Party Food Roundup!

We had been really excited about the Digbeth Dining Club Street Party since it was first announced and so we persuaded all of our friends to come along. After seeing how busy the Spring Market had been, we thought it was best to get there early. We gave our friends a list of recommendations and then let them loose before we started on the food.

First up was Buddha Belly (x). We were really excited to try their new dish – grilled chicken, som tam and sticky rice. Sai and James remembered us from last time and very kindly offered it to us for free this time. The chicken was great as always, especially the crispy chicken skin. The sauce worked really well, even if we have absolutely no idea what it was! We’d never tried som tam (papaya salad) before and while he wasn’t too keen, I wolfed it down. The som tam had a really nice kick to it and the sticky rice rounded the meal off really well!

Grilled chicken, som tam and sticky rice

We decided to follow this up with a Turbo Pete hot dog from Big Daddies Diner (x). This was a massive pork hot dog topped with 18 hour pulled pork and coleslaw (that I had already eaten before he could take a picture!). Their hot dogs are always really good and this was no exception. The pulled pork was absolutely delicious!

Turbo Pete

We then decided to try the crocodile spring rolls from Savanna Grill, which came with a peach chutney. We’d never tried anything from them before so we were really excited. The spring rolls were filled with mushrooms, crocodile meat and a selection of vegetables. Having never eaten crocodile, it was an interesting flavour and we can’t think of anything to compare it to, delicate but still tasty. It’s certainly a different choice but we’d definitely recommend it, at least say you’ve tried it. (Next time round,  we absolutely have to try one of their bunny chows as they looked amazing!)

Next up was a yushan steamed bun from Canoodle (x), filled with thai brisket, sauce, sesame seeds beetroot and pickled red onions. The brisket was so so good! I love the sauce so much, I really need to know what’s in it so I can make it myself!

Brisket Steamed Bun

Next we decided to order the chickpea curry from Esmies (x) with a side of the sweet chilli potatoes. Since we loved it so much last time, this was one of the recommendations we made to our vegetarian friends. We are desperate to know how they make the sweet chilli potatoes because we love them so much! The chickpea curry is delicious and I firmly believe that all food should be served in a bowl you can eat because its a genius idea!

Chickpea Curry

We then chose a half rack of ribs from Low n Slow (x) which were as good as always. Low n Slow never fails to disappoint and I love the sauce the ribs are coated in! Thry were delicious and we got every last bit of meat off the ribs!

Half rack of ribs

We’d never ordered anything from Victoria Creperie before, but we adore their sister company Street Souvlaki’s offerings (x) so we had high expectations from Victoria Crepeire. Being such regular customers of Street Souvlaki, this time they recognised us which was lovely!  We were insanely tempted by the crepes and brownies, but then we saw the cheesecakes. My favourite thing ever is salted caramel so the salted caramel cheesecake was the natural choice. It was the best cheesecake we’ve ever had. It was creamy like ice cream and flavoured perfectly. It was unbelievably good! He was actually speechless after eating it and we were incredibly tempted to buy the entire cake and take it home with us. We decided to resist another slice of the salted caramel and try the oreo cheesecake. Even though I’m not a fan of chocolatey cakes (I’m a bit weird like that), I loved this so much. I need to know how they make their cheesecakes this creamy!

After the cheesecakes, we reluctantly agreed that we couldn’t fit anymore food in and so left. We then realised how many people were still queuing to get in as the queue stretched down the road to the pub! The street party was a lot busier and more popular than the regular DDC, so I am really glad we got there early!


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