Brunch at BTP Harborne

Me and my friend had been talking about going to BTP Harborne for pancakes for weeks now and she had her heart set on them. When we got there however, I remembered there were still four things left on the new menu I hadn’t already tried and of course I had to tick a few more off! My friend ordered the pancakes with bacon and maple syrup while I tried the chicken enchilada. Of course, I just had to try hers too, so I ate way more than my fair share of food!

First things first, those pancakes are DELICIOUS. The bacon was good and crispy, just how I like it. I’d never actually tried bacon with maple syrup before (Salted caramel aside, I’m never normally a fan of sweet and savoury things mixed together.) but now I finally understood what all the fuss is about. Who discovered that bacon works with maple syrup?! Whoever they were, I love them.

Next, the chicken enchilada. Anything with chicken is automatically good in my eyes and I loved this. I forgot it came with avocado when I ordered it and since I don’t really enjoy it, I was a tad nervous of the avocado and tomato topping when I saw it. I shouldn’t have been nervous. I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it and absolutely wolfed it down. It also balanced out the really nice kick in the sauce! The enchilada came with just the right amount of cheese. It was so so good! I am definitely ordering that again (or making him order it next time we come so I can steal it off him!).

No trip to BTP would be complete now without the sweet potato tempura side. I’ve loved this every time I’ve ordered it and this time was no different. I am in love with the yogurt tahini dip and even though we got this to share, I think I ended up eating a good 70-80% of it myself before she even had a chance. (Oops!)

She ordered the marathon milkshake (a firm favourite of ours!) which was delicious as always. When she was simply too full to finish it all, of course I gladly stepped in to help out!

I had heard that the current guest tea was Canton Tea Co‘s Strawberry Noir and so I just had to try it. Any tea that’s even vaguely fruity is always a good choice for me and this one smelled so strawberry-y (is that a word?) that I loved it! Since I got distracted by the arrival of our food, I drank my first cup really slowly which meant that by the time I got round to pouring a second, the tea had been brewing for much too long which was a such a shame. I really enjoyed the first cup but the second was just that bit too strong for me. I’d definitely order it again (even if I will always have a soft spot for the Alice in Wonderland tea) and I really want to try some of the other teas in their range!



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