Grand Central Kitchen and Digbeth Dining Club 24/04/15

Before heading off to Digbeth Dining Club, we decided to visit Grand Central Kitchen (directly opposite New Street Station). This time, we only stopped by for drinks. I ordered a hot chocolate which came with an amaretti biscuit (which he immediately stole). The interior was very cute, a mix between York’s Bakery and Boston Tea Party which we loved. They have a vast menu, from pizzas to wraps and everything between, with both Halal and gluten-free options. Since it’s so close to the station, we’ll definitely pop in next time when we’re free to try out their menu!image1 (3)

We arrived at DDC a bit early, so had plenty of time to watch the vendors get ready and plan what we were going to order. Last time, we loved the chicken kebab pitta from Street Souvlaki, so naturally we ordered it again! The chicken is chargrilled with a seasoned rub and we ordered it with a tahini sauce. The chicken was perfect and we just can’t wait for them to come back again!

image2 (3)

Next we decided to order the marinated thai chicken (again!) from Buddha Belly. As always, it was absolutely stunning and ever so moreish. When he went up to order he asked Sai what was in the “magic chicken batter”. The response she came back with was “well its some coriander, lemongrass and more secrets”. That answer is good enough for us! Although we didn’t get it this time, we were definitely eyeing up the vegan Thai curry with butternut squash, broccoli and courgettes. If the chicken curry is anything to go by, I’m sure it’s absolutely delicious!

image3 (3)

After that, we decided to order pork liempo from Manila Munchies. We’d never ordered from them before, but it had always smelled so amazing and this time we just couldn’t resist. The BBQ belly pork had been marinated for 24 hours and served with vegetables and rice. Even though the pork was served cold, after sitting on the hot rice for a while, it was pleasantly warm , with the added bonus of mixing the sauce in with the rice. The sauce was so good!image5 (3)

We contemplated dessert to round off the meal but instead we caved in and went for another marinated chicken. We think this could be the start of an addiction!



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