Food Roundup of the Spring Market at The Bond Co, Digbeth!

Having become somewhat regulars to Digbeth Dining Club, slowly working our way around the food establishments in Birmingham, we were excited to discover the Spring Market at The Bond Co. in Digbeth. It comprised of plenty of street food stalls, drinks, local artists and local food artisans, many of whom were Digbeth Dining Club regulars so we couldn’t wait to try it out.

We decided to start with arancini from Delizie Italiane. This time we chose arancini stuffed with mozzarella and green olives, which came with a side of aubergines in a tomato sauce. As neither of us a a major fan of olives, this was a risky move, but the arancini was, as always, excellent! Although we didn’t buy it this time, she was also selling tiramisu in a cone, which looked so adorable! We were really tempted, but this time we sadly just couldn’t fit it in.

Cheese and green olive stuffed arancini
Tiramisu in a cone!

Next up was Buddha Belly. We are major fans of their thai marinated chicken, but decided this time to try the chicken southern thai curry which came with jasmine rice. It was so good. The creamy sauce had a little bit of a kick, but with just the right amount of spice. The chicken was cooked perfectly with the courgettes and the crunchy bamboo shoots. After we realised it was that delicious and gluten free, we just had to go back to Buddha Belly before we left to take a portion home in a box for his mom!

Buddha Belly's stall, before the crowds arrived!
Buddha Belly’s stall, before the crowds arrived!
Southern Thai chicken curry
Buddha Belly’s stall after the crowds arrived!

We then decided to try tacos from Smoqued, who we hadn’t seen before. After chatting to them a bit, we found out that this was actually their first time in Birmingham, as they are based in Lecister and mainly operate in Derby and Sheffield! We were really glad to hear that they’re contemplating becoming a part of Digbeth Dining Club, although they want to attend as guests first before attending as vendors! We chose to order one taco with oak smoked pork belly, salad, salsa and barbecue sauce and another taco filled with smoked korean beef rib. This taco came with barbecue sauce and kimchi, which was a pleasant surprise, as one of our friends loves kimchi and gives it to us non-stop! The tacos tasted so good, even if we did make a bit of a mess eating them! They were also the best presented food we’ve ever got from a street vendor – it was really impressive and also really adorable! I really want to know what was in the tacos to make them purple!


Smoqued, Pietanic and Bournville Waffle Co.

Our next choice was a naan wrap from Gamekeeper. We chose one filled with pulled beef brisket, salad, beetroot, bombay mix, mayo and chilli sauce. We hadn’t seen these vendors before so we were really excited to try this! I really enjoyed this wrap and as a result, definitely ate more than my fair share of it before he could steal some!

Gamekeeper setting up!
Gamekeeper setting up!
Our beef naan wrap
Our pulled beef naan wrap

After this, we decided to explore the inside area and stumbled across Peel & Stone, a bakery we had always planned to visit after reading about it. The stall looked really cute and there was loads to choose from! This time, we decided to get a caramel bread pudding, which was so tasty! It was nice and thick, and we needed a quick break before carrying on after the delightful twist on an English classic!

Peel & Stone’s stall
Caramel bread pudding!

Of course, the only way to follow dessert is with more dessert, this time from Cake Doctor. We decided to get a meringue kiss for ourselves, and a lemon drizzle gluten free cake for him to take home to his mom. Cake Doctor’s van itself was adorable, as it was a converted vintage ambulance!

Cake Doctor’s ambulance
Lemon Drizzle, Carrot Cake, Victoria Sponge, Duffins and Meringue Kisses!
Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake
Meringue Kiss

After two rounds of dessert, we gave in and decided we couldn’t resist the call of Hungry Toad‘s BBQ Ribs any longer. We had half a rack of ribs which had been smoked in their filing cabinet BBQ smoker and then covered in a very sticky, very delicious barbecue sauce. It was so so good and in the process of trying to get every last bit of sauce and meat off the bone, we naturally ended up with it smeared all over both of our faces.

Hungry Toad's stall
Hungry Toad’s stall as they were setting up
BBQ ribs

We then decided to have our last round of dessert, this time from The Bournville Waffle Company, who we are definite fans of, having tried them at DDC! Today their special was a peanut butter fudge waffle, which we demolished in an almost embarrassingly short time. You can’t go wrong with peanut butter and fudge, so this was definitely a good choice!

Peanut butter fudge waffle
Peanut butter fudge waffle

Even though the main attraction for us were the street food stalls there was a large selection of drinks including cocktails and a bar on a bus, as well as an inside area containing local artists and local artisan food stalls (including Peele and Stone and Bake along with many others) making the whole event worthwhile for everyone. There was even a face painting stall for the kids too!

We can’t wait for the Summer Market on July 11th and I’m sure it’ll be as good as the Spring Market – if not better!


4 thoughts on “Food Roundup of the Spring Market at The Bond Co, Digbeth!

  1. Oh man this post made me hungry. That looks like absolute heaven! Oh and by the way I’m nominating you for a Liebster Award ^ ^ Keep up the great blogging.


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