Boston Tea Party Trial Menu

To celebrate me coming back to Brum, we decided to go back to Boston Tea Party in Harborne to try more of their trial menu. While we decided what to have, he ordered a marathon milkshake (again!) while I chose an Alice in Wonderland ice tea. The milkshake was delicious, as always, and the tea was really refreshing!

'Alice in Wonderland' ice tea and a marathon milkshake
‘Alice in Wonderland’ ice tea and a marathon milkshake

We decided to order solely from the trial menu (since we’ve tried pretty much everything on the normal menu!) I chose the mezze while he chose the sesame chicken with rice. We also decided to get extra sweet potato fritters as a side. The mezze was really pretty! It came with more sweet potato tempura, a cauliflower fritatta, spiced couscous, fresh tortilla chips, picked vegetables and two dips – tahini yogurt and mango and tahini. The cauliflower fritatta was delicious and surprisingly light. I would have perhaps have preferred for it to have been hot, but it was so tasty anyway that I didn’t mind. The tortilla chips were really light and crispy, with a similar seasoning to the tempura (His verdict – “How are they this damn good?”). I really enjoyed the tahini dips, this time the mango dip was less smooth, so there were a few small mango pieces throughout which was a nice surprise!


We tried the sweet potato side last time we visited BTP but somehow this already tasty dish had improved by this visit! The price had been lowered by £1 yet the portion size had increased. The sweet potato slices were much thicker, which was definite improvement! I can see us ordering this side every time we come here!

Sweet potato fritters
Sweet potato fritters

His meal came with chicken thigh (which we had been roasted) with a soy sauce and sesame glaze. The rice was mixed with spring onions, red pepper, black sesame seeds and pak choi. The chicken was succulent with a subtle glaze that wasn’t overpowering. The rest of the meal was served cold, however with the hot chicken it worked really well! The al-dente rice and the crunchy pepper provided an interesting contrast to the juicy chicken.

Sesame Chicken and Rice
Sesame Chicken and Rice

As always, all the food was delicious and we’ll definitely be back soon to try some more of the trial menu!

Empty plates!
Empty plates!

Also, I feel like the sheer cuteness of BTP Harborne is never talked about enough! This time, we sat in the booths in the walled garden, which was lovely and quiet!

BTP Harborne's walled garden
BTP Harborne’s walled garden

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