Gluten-free dining at Handmade Burger Co. Brindleyplace

It’s my sister’s birthday in a few days so we went out for an early birthday meal to Handmade Burger Co. in the ever so beautiful Brindleyplace. Having been several times before, I’d seen signage about the gluten-free buns available so I thought it’d be a perfect place to take my mom (who was diagnosed a coeliac several years ago). I’ll start off with the normal burgers which included a cajun chicken with extra cheese (excellent choice there sis) and I chose a barbecue, cheese, bacon and chicken burger. I’d never had one of those and god, it was good. It was incredibly messy and like nothing I’d seen before but good god it was delicious, I would absolutely recommend it!

Cajun chicken burger
Barbecue, bacon and cheese chicken burger

Of course, we had to have sides and dips so we went for the standard chips and onion rings combo with ketchup, mayo and cajun mayo (It’s my favourite dip so I always have to get it). My mom was genuinely surprised at how delicious and fresh the chips were which was an excellent start. image5 Now to get to the main star of the show – a chicken and cheese burger in a gluten-free bun. To prove that the buns are gluten-free and haven’t been contaminated, they are served in plastic wrap with a huge sticker reminding you it is gluten-free. (For those wondering, it is heated up so there’s no need to worry about having a cold bun). This means that you’ve also got the joy/pain (well, I thought it was fun unlike my mom so I just ended up doing it) of building your burger yourself. She did have to eventually admit she really liked being able to essentially customise the burger as she ended up not liking the burger relish so we just threw in some of the mayo dip.

Pre-constructued gluten-free burger

Not being someone with a massive appetite, she decided to only put one of the chicken fillets into her burger.

Her completed burger

She was absolutely amazed at the burger – it was just scrumptious and the gluten-free bun tasted great; just like a normal bun (which I can confirm as she let me steal a small piece, it tasted amazing for gluten-free bread, just like the normal stuff). As she only put one of her chicken fillets in her burger and was full after it, there was still one portion of chicken, lettuce and tomato which I just couldn’t let go to waste. I couldn’t manage it as I was completely full, so I wondered if it was possible to just buy a gluten-free bun to take away. So with my slightly unusual request, I went over to the bar and explained the situation – saying that it was the first burger she’d had in many years but couldn’t eat it all – and the manager, bless him, being the kind man he was, gave us a free bun and packaged the burger up for us to take home! So, all in all it was an excellent day out and a very deserving win for Handmade Burger Co and their gluten-free availability!

The other half packed up for us to take home

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