Awa Juice Bar and Grill House 

After deciding to take a break from fabric shopping (Everyone should go to fabric shops, they are like treasure troves. It’s all so pretty!) we decided to try out the restaurant that I had never noticed on College Street in Swansea city centre, but has apparently been there for a while so is well established. I have no idea how I was so oblivious to Awa’s existence but I am so glad I have resolved this issue. Awa is a Turkish restaurant crossed with a juice bar, which sounds like a bizarre mix but really works!

After deciding to just order drinks this time, I opted for an avocado, banana, date and honey smoothie (which tasted so good that I couldn’t believe it was healthy) while she chose a honey, ginger, carrot and beet juice. My smoothie was one of the best I’ve had in a long time, at times it was so thick it got stuck in the straw and the avocado made it so smooth. I’m not a fan of avocado, but in this form I would definitely recommend it, I just couldn’t get enough of it. It was so delicious, I am so going to try this at home.  As for the juice, it definitely tasted healthy. I don’t really like ginger, so I was never going to love this, but it was actually surprisingly nice.

There’s curly straws and little umbrellas!

We didn’t order lunch, but I wish we had. I was eyeing up the meals of everyone around me very enviously. The food looked really good, especially considering how cheap it was! I’m definitely going to come back to try the food (and maybe order another one of the smoothie so!) – I just wish that I had found out about this place when I still lived here!


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