Trial Menu at Boston Tea Party Harborne

For my last morning in Birmingham before going back home for Easter, we decided to go get breakfast at Boston Tea Party in Harborne. The breakfasts are always amazing, and are served all day (which is why most of the time he refuses to order anything else). However this time we noticed there was a new trial menu, and after chatting to the super friendly manager, we found out that this menu is being trialled for the next month, and that the most popular items would be rolled out to the other branches (which are all presumably as adorable as the Harbone branch, going by the cuteness of the Birmingham city centre branch). Considering there was a whole new selection of food to try (we’ve ordered most things on the menu at one point or another), we decided to sacrifice our breakfasts and wait until it was a socially acceptable time to eat lunch.

Of course, no wait would be complete without a large pot of tea to keep me going, so I opted for a pot of chai with honey and he chose freshly squeezed orange juice (which, considering normally I don’t like orange juice, was actually really good!)  Free wifi and free tea refills meant that the two hours until we thought it was an acceptable time to eat lunch passed pretty quickly. Then came the difficult task of choosing what to order from the trial menu. 


We were tempted by the incredibly tasty-and-cute-sounding sharing mezze, but instead I chose the roasted cauliflower and spiced couscous salad with added chicken. Salads from BTP are always insanely filling and delicious, and this one didn’t disappoint (even he stole some!). The pomegranate and almonds mixed through worked hella well with all the other flavours! and I was so full afterwards I could barely move. Despite not ordering the mezze, we were really tempted by the sweet potato tempura it included, so we decided to order some as a side dish, and we were not disappointed. The tempura came in a really cute pot (which I know from experience used to serve the butternut squash mac and cheese – as delicious as it sounds) with a mango and tahini dip (who knew those flavours worked together as well as they do?!) There was just enough batter and having the hot side dish was really nice with the cold salad.

image7  IMG_1991

Considering that the tempura was insanely tasty, we are so going to try the sharing mezze that its a part of as soon as I get back to Birmingham.


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