Digbeth Dining Club 27/3/15

As this was my last DDC before going home for Easter, I wanted to end on a high. We decided to start with ‘The Edna’ from Big Daddies Diner – two ‘slim jims’ (individual hot dogs) inside of a large hot dog bun topped with cheese, chilli, more cheese, jalapeños and something crunchy that tasted really good.image1

We followed this with triple fried chips topped with fajita salt – flavoured salts are such a genius idea – and fish fritters from The Hip Hop Chip Shop, which had a really quirky van which had been designed to look like a radio and played music.  (The only downside was when he added way too much vinegar, forgetting that he liked vinegar a lot more than we did…)

Hip Hop Chip Shop’s van


We then decided to try Cheese and onion arancini (deep fried risotto balls) from Delizie Italiane, which was served with salad and a side of sweet peppers in tomato sauce. The arancini was absolutely amazing. The inside was thick and creamy and melty like a good risotto should be and the crunchy coating gave a satisfying other texture to the dish.image4image5

Obviously, the only way to follow a vegetarian dish is with lots of meat and so we ordered a woodfired meat feast pizza from BareBones Pizza (and this time I didn’t drop it!) It was so good and the melted cheese got everywhere, but it was definitely worth it.

image6 As it was starting to get dark and we had a long walk to the station and then home, we decided to round of the evening with a millionaires toastie  from The Jabberwocky (whose owners are unbelievably cheery and cute). The toastie was filled with melted chocolate and caramel which was absolutely delicious and we may have to try this again at home…

image9 image10


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