Digbeth Dining Club 20/3/15

We started off slowly with deep fried chicken wings topped with honey, lemon and sesame seed from Hungry Toad which lasted just long enough for a photo (She had already taken some before I took this.) before they were all gone.IMG_1916 Next was Thai marinated chicken with a side of stir fried sweet noodles all topped with a sticky sweet and sour sauce from Buddha Belly. Good god, it was undoubtedly one of, if not the best chicken we’d ever eaten; sandwiched between the crispy outer shell and the tender chicken was a warm filling that was just indescribable and none of us could figure out how was created. It was just unbelievably good and if you ever see Buddha Belly serving it grab as many as you can – it is absolutely to die for. IMG_1920 Next were three pulled pork tacos topped with salsa sweet chilli and assorted salad from Habanero which, as messy as they became, were absolutely delicious. Habanero has a stall in St Paul’s which serves burritos Monday through Friday which always look so tempting and one day we will get them. One day.IMG_1922 At this point we faced a dilemma, push on for dessert, another unexplored stall, or go back for more chicken. Chicken won this round.

Round 2. I regret nothing.

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