Day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon

Despite being totally ready for a duvet day, 45 minutes before the train we needed, we decided to take a spontaneous day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. Miraculously, we somehow managed to get ready and make it to the station in time (Spoiler: it involved a lot of running. I categorically do not run. Ever.). We arrived just before lunch and so decided to do a bit of exploring:

Royal Shakespeare Company

Last time I visited Stratford, I discovered Hobsons Patisseries, which had an impressively wide range of cheesecakes. I decided to bring him here this time, forgetting that on a Saturday lunchtime it was guaranteed to be super busy. We decided not to stay this time, but as we were leaving we did spot these impressively large scones – which are definitely on the menu when we return:

IMG_1891After realising we hadn’t eaten for hours (and we ran – I’m still bitter about having to run), we decided to get fish and chips from a chip shop next to the river. Annoyingly this time, we didn’t take a photo, as I started to demolish it the second we sat down. Our cake quest then led us to Patisserie Valerie, where we decided to split a creme mille feuille (with tea, of course), which was really filling and really good. We know our cake and that was damn good cake.



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